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Where Should Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Turn if the Decline of Their Football Team Forces Them to Change Religions?


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have explored every temporal option for correcting the problems of their football team, but Dawg Sports (jokingly) suggests an eternal fix: changing religions.

Peter Kostis Should Not Have Access to a Keyboard or a Microphone


Peter Kostis is rarely right on matters outside of his niche of golf instruction.  In the realm of swing analysis and instruction, he actually is pretty solid.  He is so solid that CBS Sports was...

The 19th Hole Golf Show - 9/23/08


This week, it's almost all about the Ryder Cup.  We talk about the USA's team dynamic and how it led to an American win.  Also, we talk about how Woods will have to fit in or be left out in...

Ryder Cup Question #4: Tiger Who?


It seemed like by Friday morning that everyone had forgotten Tiger Woods would not be playing in the Ryder Cup.  The Cup is just one of those events that can go on very smoothly without Woods.  The...

Scattered Ryder Cup Reactions


I figured I wouldn't just bloviate on here myself about the USA's win at Valhalla.  Let's hear what some of the other scribes had to say or share about it. First, a fun anecdote from Mark Whicker...

The 19th Hole: How the Cup Was Won


Jim Furyk carries himself with a quiet intensity.  He is a driven, consistent, excellent player who has proven his meddle over the course of his career.  When he clinched the Ryder...

Ryder Cup Question #3: How About Valhalla?


People have a wide variety of opinions on Jack Nicklaus' Valhalla.  Many think the course's greens are designed like a putt putt course and feel contrived.  A lot of folks criticize #13 because it...

Could The Ryder Cup Be The Miracle on Ice of 2008?


Lake Placid.  1980.  The US was in horrible shape.  Economy was stagnant, inflation was growing.  The Olympics were supposed to be a distraction for Americans that were facing so many problems.  In...

Ryder Cup Day 1 Foursomes Match Analysis


With the first round of Friday pairings released, it's time to take a look at each of the matches and see what to expect. These are foursomes matches, which means alternate shot. We begin with...

Gimme a Ryder Cup Score


All things considered: The last 2 Cups - nay, this millenium's Cups The Captain's Picks - 4 mediocre USA picks and 1 VERY controversial European one Valhalla is US soil, Jack's course, and...

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