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Remember that the other team has problems, too


The Gators have lost three in a row and have come up short in four of their last six games against SEC opposition. Florida fans want their offensive coordinator replaced. At least it's not just us, right? Go 'Dawgs!

Paul Johnson to Hire Urban Meyer as Georgia Tech Strength Coach


At first, this just seemed like outrageous rumor-mongering, but, when the author of this piece broke out the datum that there are no attractive women at Georgia Tech, I knew he was making good sense. Go 'Dawgs!

Florida Defensive Coordinator Bolts One Day After Signing Day


One month into his tenure as the Gators' defensive coordinator, George Edwards is leaving Gainesville to return to the NFL ranks. Coach Edwards leaves Florida one day after the team hauled in the country's top-ranked recruiting class on national signing day. Coach Edwards is heading to Buffalo, where he will serve as defensive coordinator under Chan Gailey. Coach Gailey was hired as the Bills' head coach on January 20, after the NFL franchise's season was over and two weeks before high school seniors were allowed to sign their national letters of intent. Given the stellar record of trustworthiness compiled by Urban Meyer, I feel certain this timing was purely coincidental and the Florida coaching staff in no way kept such valuable information as the impending departure of their defensive coordinator from the prospects the Gators were pursuing. Go 'Dawgs!

"Leave of Absence" : Urban Meyer :: "Long Weekend" : Me


Evidently, an Urban Meyer leave of absence is like a Steve Spurrier player suspension: neither involves anyone actually missing a game. Allen Iverson needs to give this guy a lecture on the importance of practice. Go 'Dawgs!

Urban Meyer Lays Down the Law


Brandon Spikes will lose a whole half of playing time. Way to hand down the discipline there, Corch Meyers. Go 'Dawgs!

Alligator Army's take on Tim Tebow


Insightful analysis that underscores and expands some of my previous points. Go 'Dawgs!

The other shoe has dropped . . .


. . . and, to Orson's credit, it was not as bad as I had feared. For the record, yes, I do assume a subhuman level of basic morality on the part of Urban Meyer, as I believe Orson also does when Tim Tebow's health is not a part of the equation. To repeat (because it bears repeating), I hope Tim Tebow makes a complete recovery from his injury, not just because I believe Tebow to be a fine Christian young man in addition to being an outstanding football player, but because I am not so rabid in my fandom that I would ever celebrate a college student suffering an illness or injury, much less a serious one. If Tebow is held out of practices and games until, say, November 1 or thereabouts, that'd be all right with me, but I hope he returns to full health. But do I believe this guy was offering inspiring expressions of team devotion between being led off the field in a daze, throwing up, and being placed in an ambulance? I do not. Do I believe anyone who says Tebow said any such thing is either lying or mistaken? I do . . . and I read Orson's rejoinder to say that I should not have written what I wrote, not that he has any basis for believing that what I wrote was wrong. Best wishes to Tebow as he bounces back from this jarring hit. Go 'Dawgs!

I call BS on Tim Tebow


I arrived home soaked to the skin at 1:30 a.m. and I haven't turned on a television yet, but it is safe to suppose that ESPN is covering Tim Tebow's concussion like it was Michael Jordan's hall of fame induction. I'm sure you've heard about it and I'm sure you'll join me in hoping that the young man makes a complete recovery on November 1. In the meantime, though, the legend of Tebow is being fueled by this event (which distinguishes it not at all from every other event in Tebow's life), and I have been reminded of a far more serious injury to Georgia's Richard Vonalbade Gammon in 1897. Gammon suffered what proved to be fatal injuries in a game against Virginia in the era before the forward pass was legalized. Contemporary accounts of the contest were harrowing in their description of his injuries, which led not just to his death but also very nearly to the outlawing of the gridiron game in the Peach State. Legend holds that Gammon was carried from the field while uttering these words: "A Georgia man never quits!" This is all very stirring and inspiring, but there's no way it's true. Reports published at the time indicate pretty clearly that Gammon could not speak in the immediate aftermath of his injuries and that he went downhill quickly after that. He didn't utter a word. I was reminded of Von Gammon's apocryphal words when I read this load of crap, straight from the mouth of Urban Meyer: "He asked me ’Did I hold onto the ball?' I told him he did and he winked at me and said ’It’s great to be a Gator."’ Oh, no, he di'n't! If Tebow was dealt a blow that left him with a concussion requiring him to be carted off the field, whisked away in an ambulance, and held overnight for observation, he wasn't engaging in any such conversations with his coach. I hope Tebow recovers because I'm not so mercenary in my fandom that I would ever wish for an 18-to-22-year-old college student to suffer an illness or an injury, but, if you believe he was winking and saying how great it was to be a Gator after getting his bell rung, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you. That's make-believe garbage that not even a Florida SID could buy. Go 'Dawgs!

No more calls, please; we have a winner!


Great headline, great posting, great point. Kudos to Brian. He nailed it. Go 'Dawgs!

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