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The Big Ten is Bound and Determined to Ruin College Baseball: Why the NCAA Should Let Jim Delany Take His Ball and Go Home


Two years after the NCAA imposed the uniform start date on college baseball at the Big Ten's insistence, Jim Delany is back, asking for another concession to Midwestern mediocrity. It's time for...

College Baseball Uniform Start Date Proves Big Ten Hates America


The Division II Valdosta State Blazers begin play today, so why do the Division I Georgia Bulldogs have to wait to begin playing college baseball? The uniform start date pushed for by the Big Ten...

It's Bad Enough They Saddled Us With the Uniform Start Date . . .


A biography of Branch Rickey features a passage describing a Georgia-Michigan baseball game in 1912 in which "a strong throw home seemed to beat the runner." By the end of the posting in which that quotation appears, the Maize and Blue faithful are making reference to "a bad call by some crack-pot, home-cooking umpire from Georgia in 1912." A biographer says a throw "seemed" to get there ahead of the runner, and, all of a sudden, it's "a bad call by some crack-pot, home-cooking umpire from Georgia"? Gracious! As bad as all that! Maybe I missed the part where it said the guy who was in Georgia was from Georgia, and I certainly missed the part where one arguable decision made the guy a "crack-pot" 98 years after the fact, but I know this: Bob McWhorter was playing for the Red and Black in 1912, so we were better than they were then, and we're better than they are now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have to put off baseball season because they have bad weather up there. Hey, I drove home from Athens in a snowstorm last Friday, so I don't want to hear about it. If they feel they were wronged by officiating improprieties almost a century ago, they can grab their gloves and their cups, head on down to Foley Field, and play a little ball. Go 'Dawgs!

Diamond Dogs Receive Second Seed in Tallahassee Regional


David Perno's Georgia Bulldogs earned a No. 2 seed for the NCAA baseball tournament. The Diamond Dogs will compete in the Tallahassee Regional for the right to advance to Omaha for the College...

Are the Diamond Dogs Running On Empty?


Despite their SEC-leading league ledger, the Georgia Bulldogs baseball team appears to be faltering. Dawg Sports attempts to divine whether David Perno's club is fading or catching its second wind.

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