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This May Be the Most Delightfully Whiny Gator Boy Loser Tweet Ever!


Stay classy, Gator Nation! Go 'Dawgs!

This Better be Aaron Murray Messing with Bulldog Nation


I'm all for promoting awareness, but this is going too far. For the record, I think he's messing with us; I ain't buying it. Go 'Dawgs!

Lizzy Stemke is Now on Twitter!


I'm guessing tankertoad won't be far behind. Go 'Dawgs!

#MunsonsBday Hashtag Gets Mention on "Trending"


Thanks to Kevin Copp for the shout-out (even though the hashtag was slightly wrong). Go 'Dawgs!

John Kasay is a Class Act


Check out lifelong Bulldog John Kasay's farewell letter to the Carolina faithful. If that doesn't epitomize the phrase "damn good 'Dawg," I don't know what does. (Hat tip: Jackie Adkins.) Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Fox Has Lifted the Twitter Ban


While I question the wisdom of letting high-profile college athletes use Twitter, I like the coach's approach to rewarding achievement. Mark Fox, by the way, is one of the reasons Twitter was invented. Go 'Dawgs!

College Football Is Back!


In a manner of speaking. (Hat tip: Adam Kramer.) Go 'Dawgs!

Should We Be Worried?


Is Xzavier Dickson trying to sway Corey Moore to defect? Go 'Dawgs!

Kit Kitchens Podcast Available for Your Listening Pleasure


At this point, I think it's safe to say that matters have evolved in such a way that I'm going to make regular appearances on Kit's podcast, because, frankly, it's fun talking Georgia football with him. Honestly, the fact that he records the conversation so the rest of you can hear it is just gravy from where I sit. If Kit just called me up at the first of every week and said, "Hey, Kyle, I was wondering if you'd like to chat about last Saturday's game for a few minutes," I'd be cool with that, and we'd have pretty much the same conversation. Really, when you think about it, you people are eavesdropping on Kit's and my conversation, but it's all right as long as you don't call the Saturday Evening Post. Give it a listen. Go 'Dawgs!

Report: A.J. Green Will be Cleared to Play Tomorrow


Evidently, he sold a jersey and has to pay back the money. Yeah, I can totally see why that would take six weeks to address. (Do you smell that, boys and girls? That's sarcasm!) Go 'Dawgs!

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