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Gators Gaining Ground on 'Bama in BlogPoll


According to the voters in college football's BlogPoll, the Florida Gators are rising and the Georgia Bulldogs are sinking on the eve of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Oh, swell.

Which SEC East Team Is the New No. 1?

A wild weekend of college football left the rankings in disarray, especially in the SEC East. Dawg Sports sorts through the carnage and compiles a resume-based top 25 . . . with a new SEC team in...

BlogPoll Ballot: SEC East Powers Surge Into Top 7

Do four Southeastern Conference teams belong in the top seven, and are three of them from the SEC East? Dawg Sports, SB Nation's Georgia Bulldogs weblog, believes so, and explains why in this...

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week Four): Resume Ranking Likes the Pac-12 and "That '70s Show," Apparently

Can it really be that three of the top six teams in college football come from the Pac-12, and Southern California isn't one of them? Find out how the top 25 breaks down on the Dawg Sports BlogPoll...

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week Three): The Best USC in the Country is Not in California

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the clear No. 1 in the college football rankings, with the LSU Tigers not far behind, but how does the top 25 shake out in this week's polls? Dawg Sports offers one...

2012 Post-Spring College Football BlogPoll: A Georgia Bulldogs Fan's Rebuttal


SB Nation's recently-released post-spring college football BlogPoll had the Georgia Bulldogs ranked sixth. Dawg Sports offers a rebuttal to the notion that the defending SEC East champions deserve...


Preseason College Football BlogPoll Slots Georgia Bulldogs at No. 7 for 2012

SB Nation has released its earliest set of 2012 preseason college football top 25 rankings. Where did the Georgia Bulldogs end up in the BlogPoll looking ahead to next season?

BlogPoll Preseason College Football Top 25 Rankings: Why Limit Ourselves to Looking Ahead to 2012?


The 2011 college football season ended only a week ago, so, naturally, it's time to begin compiling pre-preseason top 25 rankings for 2012! Dawg Sports wonders, though . . . why should we limit...

Final 2011 BlogPoll Rankings Released


Alabama won the BlogPoll national championship, despite the fact that five voters (including me) ranked the Tide third. Georgia ended up ranked 19th after a ten-win division championship season in which the Bulldogs lost to No. 2 LSU, No. 7 Boise State, No. 8 South Carolina, and No. 10 Michigan State. The Red and Black had the second-highest degree of deviation in the poll, thanks partly to my ballot: I won the Straight Bangin' Award and finished second in the running for Mr. Bold. Go 'Dawgs!

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: The Top Five


The 2011 college football season is over, the BCS national champion has been crowned, and Dawg Sports is counting down the top 25 on its poll ballot. Find out why Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide...

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