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Rumor Roundup for Friday, April 4

Today's rumors: Advertising for post-WrestleMania 30 shows hints at main event winner, current booking too "face heavy" for WWE officials, rumored cameo appearances, a possible role for Stone Cold...

Answer to the rumors, Marty


Addressing the trade request situation wth an admission or a denial is better for all parties and the fans than avoiding the situation.

Match Times: WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Edition

Our regular feature revisits this year's Rumble. In addition to the usual breakdown of match times, this edition also includes an in-depth look at the timing of the Rumble match itself. Are there...

Reviewing the WWE 'Attitude Era' DVD

A review of the WWE produced "Attitude Era" DVD and Blu-Ray, taking a look back at the high and low moments of WWE during one of the biggest boom periods in sports entertainment.

WWE 13 roster reveal for October 30 video game

WWE and THQ announced the WWE 13 Roster Reveal today at SummerSlam Axcess event. Check it out.

On this date in WWF history: Lita debuts on Raw as one of Godfather's hos


Before Lita hooked up with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy as the most extreme lady in the WWF, she debuted with the promotion on Raw in 1999 on this date in history as one of Godfather's hos.

Going To The Mattresses... I Mean Envelopes


‘Going to the mattresses’ is a phrase made famous by "The Godfather" films. Simply put, it means to prepare for battle. In the world of football transfers, ‘going to the envelopes’ refers to the...

The Day After: It's Morning Again in Bulldog Nation


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's afternoon; I was speaking metaphorically. In "The Godfather," Vito Corleone receives many requests for assistance on the day of his daughter's wedding, because it is...

Video Rewind: The debut episode of WWE Smackdown on April 29, 1999


Taking a look back, with videos and plenty of background notes, at the very first episode of WWE Smackdown, which aired as a special on UPN on April 29, 1999.

Why the Boise State Broncos' Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Are Worse than the Georgia Bulldogs'


According to the initial reviews, the Boise State Broncos' Nike Pro Combat uniforms for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game are better than the uniforms the Georgia Bulldogs will wear to open the 2011...

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