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McGarity's Old Boss May Support Him on Preserving Rivalries


Florida sources say the Gators are interested in preserving their yearly series with LSU. That feared 10-4 vote may be a 9-5 vote, or more likely even an 8-6 vote (since new Eastern Division member Missouri wants to play new Western Division member Texas A&M every autumn), which would mean skilled athletic directors Greg McGarity and Jeremy Foley only need to bring along two more votes. Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Greg McGarity Has Your Back


Preserving the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry is his top priority, but, if need be, he is open to discussing a nine-game SEC schedule. Go 'Dawgs!

Brian VanGorder Named Auburn Defensive Coordinator


The "coach exchange" program in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry continues. Frankly, I'm going to need a little time to process this before offering any thoughts on the matter, other than to say that the thought of Brian VanGorder wearing orange and blue makes me want to puke. Go 'Dawgs!

Track 'Em Tigers Offers Fitting Tribute to Larry Munson


I don't particularly care for Auburn, but this was classy, and it was appreciated. Go 'Dawgs!

A Nice Piece on the Georgia-Auburn Rivalry


From our SB Nation sister site, Track 'Em Tigers. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

Which Rival Do Georgia Fans Most Enjoy Beating?


You already know where NCT, vineyarddawg, and I stand on this one, but Doug Gillett is polling Bulldog Nation as a whole. Go 'Dawgs!

Was It Something I Said?


I love it when Auburn fans confirm the correctness of my preconceptions. (Hat tip: elfcrash.) Go 'Dawgs!

Auburn: Cheating Constantly for Longer Than You've Been Alive


This has been linked throughout the college football blogosphere in the last couple of days, but it deserves another link, because it meticulously documents the constant cheating on the Plains. Seriously, the only analogue to Auburn is Southern Methodist, and we all know what happened to the Mustangs. Go 'Dawgs!

. . . And the Horses in on Which They Rode


Tomorrow, Georgia and Auburn will square off for the women's equestrian national championship. I hate Auburn, by land, by sea, and on horseback. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

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