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Why Georgia Needs to Emulate Nick Saban's Approach

Some of Nick Saban's roster management practices may be ethically questionable, but Greg McGarity, Mark Richt, and the Georgia Bulldogs should follow the Alabama Crimson Tide's lead in one respect...

Georgia Bulldogs 2012: A Primer on Who We Are


Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs have been in the news lately, but not for anything good. Dawg Sports attempts to set the record straight by explaining what it means to be a denizen of Bulldog Nation.

Don't Bet On It!: Week Eight College Football Forecasts Around the SEC


Dawg Sports picks the winners of this weekend's SEC college football games between South Carolina and Vanderbilt, Alabama and Tennessee, and Auburn and LSU in the latest installment of "Don't Bet...

A Recap of 2009 SEC Media Days: I Mean, My Summer Vacation's Over, You Know, and I Accept Full Responsibility


Hidden behind the various controversies surrounding Lane Kiffin and Tim Tebow were a few choice observations that emerged from SEC Media Days. Dawg Sports has plucked these plums from miles of...

Kyle Gets Contrary: Why Urban Meyer's "You're Not a Gator" Remarks Were a Big Deal


When Urban Meyer responded to criticisms from former Florida Gators quarterback Shane Matthews by declaring that critical ex-players no longer would be welcome in the football offices, it touched...

The Emergence of "Hip Richt"


Move over, "Evil Richt." Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt has reinvented himself yet again by going old school for the 2009 football season, and Dawg Sports spots an element of the Rat Pack...

Spring Practice Head Games: Scientists Say the Georgia Bulldogs Should Shut Up and Hit Somebody


Dawg Sports says Free University Amsterdam psychologist Raoul R. D. Oudejans has some scientifically sound advice for the Georgia Bulldogs: toughen up by tackling to the ground and practicing under...

"Let 'Er Rip!": Is Les Miles the New Danny Ford?


Despite his success with the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the LSU Tigers, Les Miles still has his doubters. Dawg Sports, which formerly criticized "Crazy Lester," explains why Miles is the new...

Should a Georgia Fan Root for Florida in the National Championship Game?


Next Thursday, the Florida Gators will play for the national championship. How should fans of the Georgia Bulldogs be rooting?

S.E.C. Power Poll: Ranking the Coaches (Part II)


Yesterday, at the invitation of Garnet and Black Attack’s C&F, I began compiling my first S.E.C. Power Poll ballot, on which I ranked the bottom six coaches in the Southeastern Conference. Now I...

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