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Four Things You Need to Know About Texas A&M's (Apparently) Impending Move to the SEC

The Texas A&M Aggies have informed the Big 12 that they are exploring their opportunities in other conferences. As an SEC invitation appears imminent, here are four things college football fans need to know about league expansion.

Liberty Bowl Flashback: Georgia Bulldogs Beat Arkansas Razorbacks on Last-Second Field Goal in 1987

As the Georgia Bulldogs look ahead to their college football game against the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl, Dawg Sports looks back at the Red and Black's previous appearances in the bowl game in Memphis.

The Arkansas Razorbacks Are Considering Joining the Big 12 . . . the Way Barack Obama Would Rather be President of Argentina

The latest, and silliest, internet rumor regarding conference expansion claims the Arkansas Razorbacks are considering bolting the SEC for the Big 12. Dawg Sports makes it clear that this isn't just wrong, it's ludicrous.

What Sort of Tradition Would Texas A&M Bring to the SEC?

As the Texas A&M Aggies appear increasingly likely to join the Southeastern Conference, SEC fans are beginning to wonder what the program in College Station brings to the table. Dawg Sports examines the Aggies' pedigree.

Georgia Bulldogs 44, Texas A&M Aggies 20: Declarations From the Independence Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs returned to Shreveport 18 years after playing in their first Independence Bowl and their 44-20 triumph over the Texas A&M Aggies marked a fresh start for the Red and Black.

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Texas A&M Aggies in the Independence Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs are on the eve of their Independence Bowl date with the Texas A&M Aggies in Shreveport. Dawg Sports takes a look at the historical and statistical minutiae in "Too Much Information."

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC

Which offense will win out when Arkansas hosts Auburn? Will home field advantage enable Ole Miss to get by Alabama? How big an impact will Tim Tebow's possible absence have on the Florida-LSU game? Dawg Sports breaks it all down in the SEC edition of "Don't Bet On It!"

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Five

How did last Saturday's action shake up the Southeastern Conference? Check out the Dawg Sports SEC Power Poll ballot to get the rundown of the league's teams from top to bottom.

Did Rece Davis Just Say What I Think He Just Said?

Did you hear Rece Davis's "Extra Point" at halftime of the Missouri-Nevada game on Friday night? T. Kyle King did, and he had an immediate rejoinder.

Kyle Gets Contrary: Congress, the B.C.S., and the Virtue of Being Elitist

U.S. Representative Joe Barton's farcical Congressional hearings took aim at the BCS and the blogosphere has confirmed that college football's major bowls are exclusionary. Dawg Sports argues that this is a good thing.

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