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Gator-Hating Sugar Bowl Open Comment Thread

Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs hate the Florida Gators, so, when Will Muschamp leads his team into the Sugar Bowl against the Louisville Cardinals tonight, expect the Red and Black faithful to hope...

How Do the 2007 and 2012 Football Seasons Compare?

Though this college football season will produce neither a conference nor a national championship for Georgia, it remains one of the best uncrowned seasons in school history. In that regard, the...

2011 College Football Conference Championship Predictions


Kickoff of the 2011 college football season is almost upon us, so it is time for Dawg Sports to trot out its annual preseason conference championship predictions. Find out which teams will win the...

Georgia Bulldogs Will Meet Clemson Tigers to Open 2013 and 2014 Football Seasons


The Clemson Tigers have confirmed that they will open the 2013 and 2014 college football seasons against the Georgia Bulldogs. Dawg Sports explains why this is good news for fans of the Red and Black.

Sugar Bowl Game Night Open Comment Thread


This is completely spur-of-the-moment and last-minute, but, since the Sugar Bowl is about to start in a few minutes, and since conference pride is on the line, I thought I'd throw up a thread...

Note that the sextet will not miss the Sugar Bowl, because "the student-athletes did not receive...


Note that the sextet will not miss the Sugar Bowl, because "the student-athletes did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred" – even though the NCAA decided to dock a fifth game on top of the standard four-game suspension because the players "did not immediately disclose the violations when presented with the appropriate rules education."

Whatever shred of credibility the NCAA had left after the Cam Newton saga is gone now, in the wake of the suspension of several key Ohio State players for games occurring after the Sugar Bowl. The alleged lack of "adequate rules education" (about which more anon) is an aggravating factor, not a mitigating one; if they didn't know, they should have known. Isn't that the precedent the NCAA set with A.J. Green and the other athletes who were sidelined earlier this season? Regarding the absence of "adequate rules education," I'm sorry, but I call BS on that. In this environment, a student-athlete who says he didn't know not to sell his stuff is like a suspect in police custody who says he wasn't told his Miranda rights. Dude, do you own a television? Every American who's watched a cop show in the last 30 years can recite the Miranda warnings by heart, and every NCAA football player who's watched ESPN in the last six months knows you're not allowed to do this sort of thing. This isn't baseball, where postseason games are treated as entirely different entities. Bowl games no longer are treated as exhibitions; bowl numbers count toward season statistics and bowl outcomes affect rankings and determine national championships. If I were an Ohio State fan preparing to watch the Buckeyes take on an SEC team in a bowl game, I might like to believe that bowl games aren't "real" games, but they are. Athletes were declared ineligible and were given suspensions. Those suspensions ought to run from the point at which ineligibility was determined; if you're not eligible, and you must serve a suspension before becoming eligible again, you can't play a game prior to serving the suspension. The NCAA's excuse is totally bogus; ignorance of the law is no excuse, and, if it is, then why are they being suspended at all? The NCAA's cockamamie explanation reads like something out of Kafka or Lewis Carroll; all that is required to refute the Association's position is to state it aloud and stand back to watch it collapse under the weight of its own implausibility. This is complete crap, and, if Ohio State wins the Sugar Bowl, there needs to be a great big asterisk next to the Buckeyes' glittering 1-9 record against the SEC in bowl games. Go 'Dawgs! . . . and go Hogs!

Don't Bet On It!: 2010-2011 College Football Bowl Predictions (Part VI)


College football conference bragging rights will be on the line when the Michigan Wolverines face the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl and the Arkansas Razorbacks face the Ohio State...

SEC Power Poll (Week 13): Everything Shakes Out During Rivalry Week


Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up the SEC college football regular season. Dawg Sports assesses the results in this week's SEC Power Poll.


Evaluating the Reevaluation: A Response to Spears

Now that Mark Richt is coming under fire from fans, some supporters of the Georgia Bulldogs are claiming that the glory run from 2002 to 2005 was not so glorious, after all. Dawg Sports is having...

Losing My Religion: Why Georgia Bulldogs Fans Should Abandon All Hope


Dawg Sports has identified the source of the Georgia Bulldogs' two years of malaise in multiple sports, and the solution is clear. It is time for Bulldog Nation to abandon all hope.

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