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Maybe Alabama's Strength and Conditioning Program Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be


If the Crimson Tide are so much better than everyone else at strength and conditioning, why are their former players so susceptible to injury?

Georgia Bulldogs Make New Strength and Conditioning Hire


As Senator Blutarsky notes, there now are no graduate assistants and no former Red and Black players on Joe Tereshinski's staff. Go 'Dawgs!

Confirmed: Brandon Burrows Will Miss the 2011 Season


All that worrying you were doing about the offensive line, the running backs, and the secondary? Yeah, start worrying about the linebackers, too. There are so many areas of this team where the margin for error is nonexistent that the 2011 'Dawgs are starting to remind me of Tom Wolfe's recurring line from The Right Stuff: it could blow at any seal! We now have to hope against hope that absolutely no one gets injured . . . and that the strength and conditioning program is all that and a bag of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. We're going to need some guys to play a bunch of minutes in a bunch of games, because there's just no one behind them. On the plus side, I like our chances to dominate the selections for the All-SEC freshman team! Go 'Dawgs!

Tony Gilbert Returns to Athens


I'm still skeptical about the wisdom of what essentially was an in-house hire regarding the strength and conditioning program, but, as far as bringing back inspirational leaders is concerned, this move can't be anything but good. I have one quibble, though: the attached link takes you to an article featuring a photograph of Gilbert in uniform on the field, which purports to be Gilbert in 2002. I am able to assure you with absolute metaphysical certainty that it is not a picture of Gilbert from 2002, because the photograph depicts him wearing a helmet with a black stripe down the center, which was a Jim Donnan-era heresy that Mark Richt eliminated, restoring the white stripe originally introduced by Vince Dooley in 1964. The black helmet stripe is Bulldog Nation's mark of Cain, and Coach Richt ought never to be accused of condoning its use. Anyway, welcome home, Tony. Go 'Dawgs!

Thomas Brown Returns, Justin Houston's Status Uncertain


Today is the final day for juniors to declare for the NFL Draft. Come on, Justin; stick around for the turnaround. Go 'Dawgs!

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