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BlogPoll Preseason College Football Top 25 Rankings: Why Limit Ourselves to Looking Ahead to 2012?


The 2011 college football season ended only a week ago, so, naturally, it's time to begin compiling pre-preseason top 25 rankings for 2012! Dawg Sports wonders, though . . . why should we limit...

2012 SEC Football Schedule Finally Announced; Georgia Bulldogs Lose Pre-Cocktail Party Open Date But Card Gains Elsewhere


After many delays, the SEC finally released the 2012 college football schedule, and Georgia Bulldogs fans generally are pleased. Though Mark Richt's defending Eastern Division champions lost their...

Penn State Coaching Search Targets Mark Richt: Why the Nittany Lions Will Not Poach the Bulldogs' Coach


Mark Richt is rumored to be a candidate to replace Joe Paterno as the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. Dawg Sports explains why Georgia Bulldogs fans should have no fear of...

Don't Bet On It!: Labor Day Weekend College Football Predictions Around the SEC


The LSU Tigers will square off with the Oregon Ducks in the marquee matchup of the opening weekend of the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports predicts the outcome of every game involving an...

The Case for the Bulldogs: Why Georgia Boasts One of the Best Athletics Programs in College Sports


SB Nation is beginning its comprehensive college conference "re-draft" process, in which bloggers will form new leagues based on program "value." Dawg Sports provides a compelling case why the...

Georgia Bulldogs NCAA Tournament Bracketology


NCAA Tournament bids will be going out soon, and Mark Fox hopes his Georgia Bulldogs are among the teams invited to the college men's basketball tourney. Dawg Sports looks at the Hoop Dogs'...

Stewart, I am a believer that a fan base must always answer the question "And hire whom?" before...

Stewart, I am a believer that a fan base must always answer the question "And hire whom?" before they talk about firing a coach. If you cannot name a better option than the current guy, forget it. I find myself teetering on the Mark Richt discussion. If he goes, who would be your hire? -- Dave, Atlanta I'm with you, Dave. If Georgia runs off Richt this year, it will be textbook Clemson/Ole Miss Syndrome. (Note the example cited in that link: Minnesota. How's that working out?) Historically, Georgia is more prestigious than either of those teams -- but not as much as Dawgs fans like to think. In all my travels, I'm not sure I've ever come across a fan base whose self-perception is so far from reality. Georgia fashions itself a national power in the vein of Ohio State, USC, et. al., based primarily off one glorious three-year run 30 years ago with Herschel Walker (and some kick-butt years in the 1940s). Prior to this season, the Dawgs under Richt had vastly outperformed their historical "equilibrium," and in fact Richt's career winning percentage (.752) is the highest in school history (not counting Bobby Winston's lone 5-1 season in 1894). But in today's SEC, the goal is national championships, and three other league coaches hired by their schools more recently than Richt -- Florida's Urban Meyer, LSU's Miles and Alabama's Nick Saban -- have 'em. Richt doesn't. And at 0-3 in the SEC, winning one anytime soon probably seems like a very remote possibility. But realistically, the chances of hiring another Ray Goff are higher than the school landing its own Meyer or Saban. Texas head-coach-in-waiting Will Muschamp (a UGA alum) is a realistic and enticing possibility, but beyond that, there is not a single coach out there I'd consider an upgrade from Richt (and even Muschamp is no guarantee). Let's see how the season plays out. With a light upcoming schedule, a freshman quarterback who should theoretically progress and the return of A.J. Green, my guess is the Dawgs will go on a run. If they can salvage things and win eight games, and still fire him ... well, just take a look at Tennessee for a glimpse into their immediate future. Stewart Mandel

The Pac-10, the Big 12, the SEC, and the Blame Game . . . Plus a Bit of Apparently Good Baseball News


Is Dan Beebe on the verge of salvaging the Big 12, or are the Texas Longhorns merely putting on a show to deflect criticism? Also, has David Perno made the move Dawg Sports has been urging him to...

Are the Florida State Seminoles Better Off That Mark Richt is the Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs?


Some among the Florida State faithful are claiming that the Seminoles are better off that Mark Richt is the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Dawg Sports demonstrates why such FSU fans are...

Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Hutson Mason/Holly Anderson/Jamie Luner Edition


What did Hutson Mason have to say about Mark Richt? What Tennessee fan celebrated a birthday on the day Andy Landers's Bulldogs beat Pat Summitt's Volunteers? What's the worst show Kyle has ever...

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