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On LaMonta Stone and Sportsmanship


Thoughts on the Bowling Green Assistant Coach's actions Sunday against UB.

Behind-the-back pass


What's the worst slap in the face you've seen in a high school football game? Mine is now the behind-the-back 2-point conversion pass that took place in Baton Rouge a couple weeks ago. What was the...

Bad sporstmanship rules the weekend


For coaches looking to teach their athletes about the importance of sportsmanship, this weekend was a major step backward. Serena Williams lost her cool at the U.S. Open on Saturday, then on Monday...

The NFL says, Do Over!


"Why should I decide what to watch, when Tyranno-vision does it for me!" So let me set the stage.  Jerry Jones spends $1 billion dollars of...

Is LeBron James a sore loser?


The NBA Finals was supposed to be the meeting of the consensus two best basketball players in the NBA. Instead, LeBron James will be watching the series from home and sulking. Apparently, he left...

Sportsmanship cheers amidst the tears


While the gossip and sex get lots of attention, We're going to try to bring you more stories like this on our blog: Incidents that show the wonder, courage and sportsmanship of sports and the...

A Short Essay: Sportsmanship, Emphasis On Sports & Man


Another game, some more terrible refereeing. Another unnecessary loss of life, another hurdle for Serie A. What a mess. So, what can we learn from this week's lesson in Italian Calcio? Well, it's...

Should we boo Sergei Gonchar?


Just three games into the season, Ottawa Senators boo birds were out in force for top defenseman Sergei Gonchar. Is there any benefit to booing a player on your own team?

Will The Booing Return To Memorial Stadium This Season?


Booing has become a staple amongst Husker fans, but if the fans want to be known as the "Greatest Fans in College Football" - it needs to disappear from Memorial Stadium.

Todd Grantham, Chas Henry, and the Controversy at the End of the Georgia-Florida Game


Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was spotted on the sideline at last Saturday's game against the Florida Gators directing a "choke" gesture to kicker Chas Henry. Dawg Sports...

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