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Georgia Bulldogs Still Have Tickets Available for Football Opener Against Boise State Broncos


The Georgia Bulldogs still have tickets available for the football season opener against the Boise State Broncos in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic in the Georgia Dome. This is good news for fans,...

Where Should Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Turn if the Decline of Their Football Team Forces Them to Change Religions?


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have explored every temporal option for correcting the problems of their football team, but Dawg Sports (jokingly) suggests an eternal fix: changing religions.

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: David Hale/Akeem Dent/Chick-fil-A Edition


Dawg Sports runs down the day's news for the benefit of Georgia Bulldogs fans, bringing you the latest on the NCAA agent investigation, Akeem Dent's injury, and the next disaster to befall Bulldog...

SEC Media Days: SB Nation Roundup Regarding Mark Richt, A.J. Green, and the Georgia Bulldogs


Mark Richt's appearance at SEC Media Days went smoothly on Thursday morning. Questions about his future with the Georgia Bulldogs came up, but not questions about contact with agents and the rumors...

A Word About Preseason College Football Predictions Before I Make Any


Dawg Sports offers a cautionary word about preseason college football predictions before making any of them. Also, the call has been sent out for Georgia Bulldogs fans to share their "Dawgographies!"

Seven Reasons I'm Glad I'm an SEC Fan After Conference Expansion


The Big 12 has been saved. The Big Ten and the Pac-10 appear content with only modest expansion to get to twelve teams. Conference realignment fever passed quickly. Now that the dust has settled,...

The Short Version: How What the Big Ten, the Big 12, and the Pac-10 Are Doing Affects You as an SEC Fan


It's been a wild last 48 hours for college football fans. While the Nebraska board of regents meets to decide whether to join the Big Ten, Dawg Sports explains what events in the Big 12 and the...

Breaking News: Georgia Bulldogs Accept Invitation to Join Pac-10


Has Damon Evans shrewdly positioned the Georgia Bulldogs to receive an invitation to leave the SEC for the Pac-10? Probably not, but that didn't prevent Dawg Sports from having a little fun with...

Why I Officially No Longer Care Whether the Big Ten or the Pac-10 Expand


The college football landscape is on the verge of being reordered completely, as the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas Longhorns have weighed their options while the Big Ten and Pac-10 positioned...

Conference Expansion, the SEC, and the Texas A&M Aggies: Was the 2009 Independence Bowl, Like the 1991 Independence Bowl, a Preview of Conference Clashes to Come?


The Texas Longhorns have been at the center of every conference's expansion discussions. Should the SEC's focus be on the Texas A&M Aggies instead?

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