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Great Minds Think Alike


Specifically, Spencer Hall's, supra, and our own vineyarddawg's, a while ago. The idea is generating some interest (and, apparently, animosity; who knew Purdue fans didn't like us?). Go 'Dawgs!

Dawg Sports Q&A with Red Cup Rebellion


Seriously, we've got to get Spencer Hall to stop misquoting our kickoff chant as "arp, arp, arp," because folks are starting to think that's what we're saying, when, in fact, we're clearly saying "woof, woof, woof." That aside, my interview with Red Cup Rebellion is up at the Ole Miss Rebels' SB Nation site. Sorry for not catching that earlier. As noted, I've had a busy day. Go 'Dawgs!

Spencer Hall Has Had a Hundred Random Thoughts


Pertinent for our purposes are these: "83. Georgia's Mark Richt will continue to heat up his scorching hot seat by winning 10 games on the year. In Georgia, 'hot' means 'comfortably cool,' a confusion leading to many assuming the frigid city of Atlanta is in fact 'hot.' This could not be further from the truth! Show up for summer visits in heavy wool. You won't regret it. . . . "44. Georgia has no reason to do anything but throw the ball 15 times a game and run the daylights out of Caleb King and Washaun Ealey, especially given their deep and experienced offensive line. "43. They will do exactly the opposite of this, and will lose again to Florida in Jacksonville. . . . "6. Georgia WR AJ Green will continue to have better production than Alabama WR Julio Jones despite having Joe Cox and redshirt freshman Aaron Murray throwing to him in successive seasons. Direct all hatemail to Your Mom's House, Alabama fans, since that's where I will be." Go 'Dawgs!

Spencer Hall on Our Enduring Affinity for "Caddyshack"


"Caddyshack" was such a great movie that even a sequel as awful as "Caddyshack II" couldn't ruin it. Go 'Dawgs!

Orson Swindle's Journey Through Life with the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team


I have never cared one whit about, or watched more than 30 consecutive seconds of, any soccer game in which my son was not playing. However, I realize many of you are impassioned fans of the sport in general, and of the World Cup in particular, which I do not begrudge you. Even if I did, though, Spencer Hall had "one of the five most transcendent sporting experiences of [his] life yesterday," and this is just plain great sportswriting, regardless of whether the underlying sport interests you at all. Also, as the great-great-grandson of a Confederate veteran, I cannot help but salute any piece of writing that uses the Constitutionally and historically correct verb tense when writing "the United States are." ("United States"; it's not "[First name] [Last name]," it's "[Modifier] [Plural noun]," just like the Declaration intended.) Excellent work, Orson. I'll see you---and, I hope, a few Dawg Sports readers, as well---at Taco Mac in a bit. Go 'Dawgs!

At Blogs With Balls, Spencer Hall Showed, Um, Guts


Brian is right that "this is pure meta," but the inestimable Mr. Cook has provided the blogosphere with a tremendous service by transcribing the exchange that was hard to hear on the video but well worth your time to review. Enjoy, and express your gratitude to Orson Swindle for fighting the good fight! Go 'Dawgs!

I Laughed; I Cried; It Became a Part of Me


Well done, Spencer. The only thing you missed was devoting as much time to the red britches as you did to the all-orange Tennessee uniforms. Man, I miss the red road britches. Go 'Dawgs!

Except for the Betty White Ad, Spencer Hall and I Could Not Disagree More About the Super Bowl Commercials


Of course, after the "And everyone in LA acts just like the people in Entourage and Crash!" jab at Flannery O'Connor, I felt inclined to put to him the question Shreve McCannon put to Quentin Compson at the end of Absalom, Absalom!, so our not seeing the world through exactly the same lens is hardly surprising. Go 'Dawgs!

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