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Coping with the Bulldogs' SEC Title Game Loss

The Georgia Bulldogs' national championship hopes were shattered in Saturday's SEC Championship Game, which has left Bulldog Nation feeling dejected. How long will it take the Red and Black faithful to recover?

Mark Richt's First Eleven Years with the Georgia Bulldogs: An Assessment (Part Two)

Mark Richt made it off the coaching "hot seat" during the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports looks at the Georgia Bulldogs' records against Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Tennessee during the Mark Richt era.

Artificial Turf and SEC Expansion: Why It's Time for the Missouri Tigers to Get Real

Missouri athletic director Mike Alden recently wrote an open letter to fans regarding the Tigers' move to the SEC. In it, he mentioned Mizzou's intention to replace Faurot Field's existing artificial turf with a new synthetic playing surface. Dawg Sports explains why the Southeastern Conference's newest member should switch to natural grass, instead.

The Thoughts and Prayers of Bulldog Nation Are with the Auburn Family

Evelyn Walker Jordan, the widow of longtime Auburn Tigers head football coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan, passed away Thursday, prompting expressions of goodwill from the Georgia Bulldogs on the eve of their SEC rivalry showdown.

Why the Auburn Tigers Still Deserve the Death Penalty

HBO's Real Sports dropped a bombshell on college football by airing allegations of pay-for-play schemes involving the Auburn Tigers at least as recently as 2007. If these claims by former players turn out to be true, do the Plainsmen deserve the NCAA "death penalty"?

Auburn Tigers 49, Georgia Bulldogs 31: We'll Use the Toilet Paper from Toomer's Corner to Wipe Our Asterisk Into the Record Book

In the wake of the Georgia Bulldogs' hard-fought loss to the Auburn Tigers in the Deep South's oldest college football rivalry, Dawg Sports is proud of the Red and Black . . . and reminded why the rivalry with the Plainsmen is so intense and heartfelt.

Don't Bet On It!: Week Ten College Football Forecasts Around the SEC

Each week, Dawg Sports predicts the following Saturday's college football games involving Southeastern Conference teams in a segment known as "Don't Bet On It!" Does Dawg Sports have the heart to do so this week, after the Georgia Bulldogs lost to the Florida Gators in Jacksonville?

Ten Things Auburn Fans Should Do Before They Die

There's a new book out discussing what fans of the Auburn Tigers should do before they die. Dawg Sports has boiled it down to the top ten.

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