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The Players are on Campus, . . .

. . . they're having barbecue chicken and roast beef for supper, and the Senator is compiling the list of his hot 100. Today is August 3. The Boise State game is September 3. College football season is one month away. Let the big 'Dawg eat. Go 'Dawgs!

Tony Ball and Bryan McClendon Receive Raises

Both assistant coaches received pay bumps because they received offers from other schools. (Hat tip: Senator Blutarsky.) Go 'Dawgs!

One More Reason Why We Should be Proud to Call Mark Richt Our Head Coach

Let's leave aside the stupidity of any rule that determines that Buford lies outside the metropolitan Athens area; this Gentry Estes piece on Georgia's Pro Day, highlighted earlier by Senator Blutarsky, underscores why Mark Richt is such an admirable human being. It will be a real loss to Bulldog Nation, and to college football, if this nice guy doesn't finish first next fall. Go 'Dawgs!

Buck Belue Agrees with Me About Hutson Mason

Great minds think alike. (Hat tip: Senator Blutarsky.) By the way, Belue's first college pass in that Baylor game was an interception. I'm just saying. Go 'Dawgs!

SB Nation Clemson Weblog Recounts 2003 Game Between Bulldogs and Tigers

This is an excellent recap of the most recent series meeting, although I agree with Senator Blutarsky that the account of the action should have included a mention of the fact that Clemson center Tommy Sharpe, a former walk-on from Albany, followed in the footsteps of former Clemson center Tony Berryhill in the Tigers' 1981 game against Tulane by vomiting while in his stance over the football. Sharpe, who was (as the Greenville News's Bart Wright noted) "renowned in the Clemson locker room for his propensity to blow chunks when he gets especially excited," threw up on the ball just prior to the first snap of the season. Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst fumbled, prompting columnist Matt Williams to write in the next week's Tiger: "Don’t worry, Charlie, I would have dropped it, too." For the record, the 62nd chapter of Fighting Like Cats and Dogs (recounting the 2003 meeting between the Bulldogs and the Tigers) is entitled "(Throw) Up, (Fourth) Down, and (Shut) Out in Death Valley." Despite that oversight, it's a good read, and it provides strong evidence of the continued vitality of the rivalry, for which I am most especially appreciative. Go 'Dawgs!

Senator Blutarsky on Chris Brown on College Football

I'm pretty sure "path dependence" is what Robert Frost was talking about in "The Road Not Taken." Every decision you have ever made in your entire life has brought you to this moment and you can't un-blow the whistle. Go 'Dawgs!

I'll Never Be a Big-Time Blogger . . .

. . . until I make my way onto this chart. Go 'Dawgs!

Georgia Swimmers and Divers Complete Yet Another Sweep of Tennessee

You may not have noticed, but the Bulldogs' men's and women's swimming and diving teams both defeated their Tennessee counterparts on Saturday. In the wake of Georgia's men's and women's basketball victories over the Volunteers, this latest sweep of the Big Orange really raises questions about the bad karma Lane Kiffin inflicted on the entire athletics program in Knoxville. Senator Blutarsky may have "officially crossed the border into Sympathy Land," but I have to admit I'm deriving more than a little enjoyment from seeing the adage "what goes around comes around" played out on the court and in the pool . . . and, I hope, between the hedges next October 9. Go 'Dawgs!

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