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Nerds say the Big 12 was 2012's best league


The SEC once again will be playing for a National Championship, but the computers say that the league was top-heavy in 2012 and that the Big 12 is the best league from top to bottom.

Where Does SEC Pride End and Heated Rivalry Begin?


Where does conference pride end and heated rivalry begin? Do Georgia Bulldogs fans prefer to chant "SEC! SEC!" or root against their league opponents?

Bill Byrne: I've Been Turned Down More Times Than A Bed Sheet


Texas A&M's move to the SEC! SEC! SEC! has created a mess with the Aggies 2012 home schedule. They are still trying to figure out if the Arkansas game will be in Cowboys stadium or if the (now)...

Why Texas Won't Play AM


Members of the Big 12 gathered around the conference table for the monthly board meeting. As everyone settled in, Aggy – late as usual – walked through the door, and refused to take a seat. "I’m...

Missouri to the SEC: "Inevitable and Imminent"


It's an off-week for the Texas football team, but realignment has a full schedule. Sources are quoted as saying that Missouri will begin the process to leave the Big 12 to join the SEC this week. T...

Baylor Tries To Slam Exit Door on AM


Texas A&M will have to wait a little while longer to celebrate its exit from the Big 12 and trip to Nirvana, aka the SEC. On the way out today, Baylor (and apparently four other Big 12 programs) r...

2011 Texas AM Football Preview: Aggie State of the Union


And it's goodbye to A&M... It's time we face the truth, fellow Big 12ers. Texas A&M is dumping our conference for a prettier girl. So invite your closest girlfriends over, crawl into your...

Bill Byrne's Monday Schedule


9:00 - File for divorce. 9:30 - Acquire Scarlett Johannson's telephone number. 9:45 - Call Scarlett Johansson, introduce myself, and agree to marry her. 10:00 - Snack. 10:15 - Inform ESPN of...

Newton Bomb


Pete Thamel is all atwitter over the news that the NCAA has opened up a field office in Alabama. Apparently, somebody said Cam Newton or somebody representing him may have asked to get paid to...

Chris Low - The Next Thomas McKee


Last year, one of the Daily Mississippian's sports writers, Thomas McKee, wrote a story breaking down the SEC's five best quarterbacks enetering the 2008-2009 season. Because the DM's website is...

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