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Georgia Lost the Best College Football Game of 2012


Maybe that should be a point of pride, but, really, it only leaves me more depressed than ever. Go 'Dawgs!

Programming Note: Dawg Sports ESPN Radio Appearance Scheduled for 5:37 P.M. Today


My regular weekly appearance with John Frary is set for 5:37 p.m. Eastern today. I will be on ESPN Radio 1420 AM out of St. Augustine, so please tune in to listen. Go 'Dawgs!

Smart Football Weighs in on Mark Richt's Decision Not to Spike the Ball


Chris Brown defends the reasonableness of the decision and the overall quality of Mark Richt's clock management. So there, haters! Go 'Dawgs!

SEC Championship Game Blogger Throwdown Set for "UNITE" Tonight


ESPNU. Midnight. Be there. Go 'Dawgs!

Programming Note: Dawg Sports ESPN Radio Appearance Set for 5:37 P.M. This Afternoon


As usual, I am scheduled to appear with John Frary on ESPN Radio 1420 out of St. Augustine at 5:37 p.m. Eastern this afternoon, when we will be discussing the SEC Championship Game. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Saves Bulldog Nation from Experiencing a Moment of Joy


Counterargument: Georgia will deserve to win the East if the Bulldogs beat Kentucky because the 'Dawgs will have gone 4-1 against the division, and, unlike the only other contender in the East, the Red and Black will have succeeded in beating Auburn at home. In addition, the Bulldogs have been statistically superior to, and often statistically dominant over, every conference opponent they've faced, convincingly beating (on the field, if not always on the scoreboard) the opposition. Boise State gets credit for overpowering inferior opponents; why not Georgia? Go 'Dawgs!

Should The ACC Championship Game Move To Atlanta If The SEC Moves Out?


Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants to build the team a new, $700 million open-air stadium just north of the Georgia World Congress Center, abandoning the Georgia Dome. Eagle in Atlanta wonders whether the SEC, which has stated they want to keep its Championship Game indoors, would abandon the Georgia Dome for New Orleans' Super Dome. If the SEC Championship Game left Atlanta, would the ACC swoop in to fill the city's college football Championship Game void? Me? I'm more worried about what impact moving the Falcons to an open-air stadium will have on Matt Ryan's Super Bowl prospects. That, and are we even going to play football next season?

Could the SEC Title Game Leave Atlanta?


Tony Barnhart painted a picture today where the SEC Championship Game could leave Atlanta in the not too distant future. He bases it off of the AJC's report that the Atlanta Falcons' management wants to replace the Georgia Dome with an open-air stadium. If that comes to pass and the Georgia Dome is torn down, then he thinks the SEC would look for a new locale like Birmingham or the Superdome where weather would be less likely to affect the title game than in Atlanta. I would really hate to see that come to fruition. Atlanta is a great spot for the game and having it indoors is a plus. I have a feeling that absent Atlanta, it'd end up rotating around (like the Big 12 and ACC games do) to some combination of Legion Field, the Superdome, and the NFL stadiums in Florida. The complaining would have no end in that scenario.

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