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Kyle King Trip Report from the Gator Bowl

T Kyle King gives us a trip report from the Gator Bowl vs. Aksarben.

How Much Does Rodney Garner's Departure Matter?

"Mama called," and Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner chose to return to Auburn to do the same job for the Tigers he had been performing in Athens. What does this mean for the Bulldogs?

Why Football Players at Penn State Should Choose to Become Georgia Bulldogs


Mark Richt has indicated his willingness to recruit Penn State football players for Georgia. How unusual is it for the Bulldogs to sign athletes from the Keystone State?

Gym Dogs Win, Diamond Dogs Fall, and Kirk Olivadotti is Athens-Bound in Friday Night Dawg Bites


On a busy Friday for the Georgia Bulldogs, the Diamond Dogs baseball team lost its season opener to the Stetson Hatters, the Gym Dogs women's gymnastics team beat the LSU Tigers on the road, and...

Will the Georgia Bulldogs' Secondary be the Bright Spot in Todd Grantham's New 3-4 Defense?


Georgia Bulldogs fans are concerned about the front seven in Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense, but Scott Lakatos's secondary may be the bright spot in the new scheme.

Safety in Numbers: Bacarri Rambo is Strong and Free


Bacarri Rambo is part of the Georgia Bulldogs' revamped secondary rotation, in which he will play both free safety and strong safety. Dawg Sports deems this a positive development.

Kind of a buzzkill -- but maybe when they finally do make the switch, they'll keep secondary coach...


Kind of a buzzkill -- but maybe when they finally do make the switch, they'll keep secondary coach Scott Lakatos's innovative new "stay within five yards of your guy and actually know where the ball is whilst doing so" coverage scheme, which, after five years of Willie Martinez "Widespread Panic Dancer" defenses in Athens probably looked like the black monolith at the beginning of "2001" to Georgia's beleaguered fan base. Also, the "black" team wore white jerseys, which is sad and adorable at the same time, because when is Georgia ever, ever going to break out those black jerseys again?

Holly Anderson on G-Day. For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure the Black team wears white jerseys on G-Day because (a) they're nominally the "visiting" team, and (b) wearing black jerseys for a 2:00 kickoff in Georgia in April is an invitation to heat stroke. (By the way, I'm pretty sure that, by failing to reply in a timely manner to Doug Gillett's text message on Saturday, I missed the chance to meet up with Holly, as well, which was too bad. Tailgating with Holly is every bit as much of a hoot as you think it is.) Go 'Dawgs!

Darn You, David Hale! Darn You and Your Optimism!


David Hale, like Rod Stewart before him, is looking to find a reason to believe, and he has come up with several. In the interests of equal time, I feel obligated to provide links to postings written by folks who believe that maybe, just maybe, it is possible that a Georgia sports team will not lose every game between now and the end of time. What I find maddening about this report, though, is the news of how big an impact Scott Lakatos is having on the Bulldog secondary. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad he appears to be doing his job so well, but, for crying out loud, when the players are marveling at the introduction of stuff I've spent the last three years shouting from my seat in the alumni section, it just proves that Willie Martinez should've been fired the day after the 2005 Auburn game! Go 'Dawgs!

Richt said he has done his best to soak in some new ideas that Grantham and fellow first-year...


Richt said he has done his best to soak in some new ideas that Grantham and fellow first-year assistants Scott Lakatos and Warren Belin have brought to the table, too. "It’s a healthy exchange of ideas," Richt said. "A lot of times you spend a lot of money to fly around to different schools to get details of what’s going on, but how much can you get in a one- or two-day period compared to a guy just being there, living there." Richt has already decided to implement two suggestions of his new staff. First, he’ll be going back to a Monday through Thursday practice schedule, with walk-throughs on Fridays. Last season he had the team practice on Sunday and gave the players Monday off, but he’s since reconsidered the plan in light of some input from his new assistants. Grantham also suggested revamping the daily meeting schedules, so rather than open with special teams work, Richt will address the entire team first, then break off into special teams and segment meetings. Richt said it’s a schedule used in the NFL and makes organizing meetings much simpler.

David Hale on the changes in the Georgia football program. One of the most frustrating aspects of practicing law for most attorneys is the frequency with which clients choose not to heed the good advice given them by their lawyers. Not only do such situations often end badly, they leave attorneys wondering why their clients bothered to hire them if the clients weren't going to listen to them. Well, Mark Richt hired new assistant coaches because changes were needed . . . and he is listening to his new assistant coaches. It's one thing for, say, Tommy Tuberville to hire a spread guru as his offensive coordinator yet saddle him with existing assistants and refuse to allow him to implement his system; it's quite another for Mark Richt to put his pride aside and say, "Todd, I'm hiring you because you know what you're doing. Now tell me who you want me to hire to help you, and I'll hire them, too. Then the three of you can put your heads together, study some film, and tell me what we need to do to improve, and that's what we'll do." I don't know that it was hubris that caused Coach Richt to retain Willie Martinez at least one season (and arguably more) too long, but it was humility that caused him to hire Coach Grantham and let the Bulldogs' new defensive coordinator do his job. Leadership involves accepting the responsibility for decisionmaking that necessarily accompanies having the power to decide, but leadership also involves identifying and hiring competent subordinates, delegating to them, letting them do their jobs, and heeding the input they were hired to provide. All the usual crap about how the team is working harder than ever and is more unified than before and is hungrier than it was a year ago is just so much meaningless noise; every player on every team says that every spring. The immediate impact of the new defensive coaching staff, though, is a big deal and it says a lot about the capability of the man leading the Georgia football program. Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Richt Rounds Out Georgia Bulldogs' Defensive Staff by Hiring Warren Belin


After a disappointing national signing day, Mark Richt hired away the Vanderbilt Commodores' recruiting coordinator, Warren Belin, to coach the Georgia Bulldogs' linebackers. This hire, like those...

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