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This Isn't News, . . .


. . . but it's nice to be appreciated. Thanks for your involvement in making this a reality. Go 'Dawgs!

SB Nation Launching Regional Sites


The staggered rollout begins today, and, as indicated on the SB Nation homepage, the Atlanta hub goes on-line on June 24. I apologize for the wait, but at least it's better than finding out that Californians got the Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich before we did. Go 'Dawgs!

Niners Nation Provides Short Summary of 3-4 Defense


Our SB Nation sister site, Niners Nation, has provided a useful overview of the 3-4 defense. Go 'Dawgs!

Peter Bean Covers the NFL Combine


I don't like the NFL combine. Two words: Jeff George. I believe Tim Tebow to be an upstanding young man, but the constant coverage of his every move and the incessant adulation make me want to puke. I see the benefits of Twitter, but the danger of immediacy is being able to disseminate an error with dangerous swiftness. Glibness and quickness can add up to volatility, even in the absence of the internet's liberating anonymity. Peter Bean learned an inadvertent yet valuable lesson in what happens when the combine, Tebowmania, and Twitter intersect. The short version is that the combination of three bad (or at least dubious) things adds up to an even worse thing. Go 'Dawgs!

Is It Live or Is It Memorex? Clearly, We Don't Care, Either Way


I honestly don't care about the Olympics, and that is trebly true of the winter Olympiad, which is a virtual cavalcade of Sports About Which Kyle Couldn't Care Less, but I've watched a moderate amount of NBC's coverage with my son because he has heard a lot about Vancouver in school and he likes that guy who looks like Carrot Top who won the gold medal in something called the half pipe, which sounds like a drug term to me . . . but I digress. SB Nation's fine Olympics coverage has featured relentless criticism of NBC's coverage, which employs a style that might be described as "classic" but might also be characterized as "outdated," with a particular emphasis on NBC's use of tape delay. You know what? I have a job. I watch a little Olympics coverage with my kid at night. I haven't seen any previous coverage during the day because I've been at work, so no surprises have been spoiled for me. I wouldn't know a live event from a tape-delayed event if NBC didn't tell me. Apparently, I'm not alone: NBC's Olympics coverage became the first show to beat out "American Idol" in the ratings in nearly six years. The Peacock Network has ruined its broadcast of the Olympiad so badly that it produced a ratings victory. Imagine how many folks would have watched if they'd done it well. Go 'Dawgs!

Facebook Connect on SB Nation


Most of you probably have noticed this already, but, just in case, here's an explanation of the new Facebook Connect feature on SB Nation. Go 'Dawgs!

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