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SB Nation Launches YouTube Channel


Because you know you’re not getting enough of them already at SB Nation Atlanta and Every Day Should Be Saturday, respectively, you’ll want to check out Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall on "Shutdown...

DGD Trinton Sturdivant Looks to Make Mark at New Position


If you liked the idea of using Jonathan Jenkins as a fullback in short yardage situations, how about the idea of lining Trinton Sturdivant up at tight end? The oft-injured offensive lineman is looking to make a move, and it's hard not to root for a guy who has had as much hard luck as Sturdivant has, who's still putting forth the effort to contribute to the team. If you think Orson Charles is a load for a linebacker to handle in coverage, though, can you imagine a guy trying to shadow Sturdivant on a shallow crossing route? Go 'Dawgs!

Which Dormant Georgia Rivalry Needs Reviving?


I think y'all know where I stand on this one, but Doug is asking you to vote. Go 'Dawgs!

Georgia Tech Fans Have Low Standards


Then again, who didn't know that? Go 'Dawgs!

Mid-Afternoon Dawg Bites: Soccer Karma, David Greene, and How We Could be Heroes Just for One Game


What is on tap for the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend? How 'bout karma from the U.S. men's national soccer team, Kellen Moore's bid to overtake David Greene, and the names of some of the Red and...

Why Did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Drop the Ball on the Demaryius Thomas Story?


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were placed on NCAA probation following a 20-month investigation into the Institute's football and men's basketball programs. Dawg Sports wants to know why the...

Reports of Hines Ward's DUI Arrest Suggest the Former Georgia Bulldogs Star Is Innocent


Hines Ward, the Georgia Bulldogs standout, Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl MVP, and "Dancing with the Stars" champion, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI in the Atlanta area this weekend. He is...

Which Rival Do Georgia Fans Most Enjoy Beating?


You already know where NCT, vineyarddawg, and I stand on this one, but Doug Gillett is polling Bulldog Nation as a whole. Go 'Dawgs!

The Big Ten is Bound and Determined to Ruin College Baseball: Why the NCAA Should Let Jim Delany Take His Ball and Go Home


Two years after the NCAA imposed the uniform start date on college baseball at the Big Ten's insistence, Jim Delany is back, asking for another concession to Midwestern mediocrity. It's time for...

But perhaps there's also a case to be made for quality rather than quantity. It's worth pointing...


But perhaps there's also a case to be made for quality rather than quantity. It's worth pointing out that, according to Rivals.com's annual rankings, Auburn averaged the 10th-best recruiting class in the nation over the past three years with all those recruits, South Carolina the 18th-best -- while Georgia, with 20 fewer total recruits than either of those rivals, averaged the ninth-best class (including a top-five haul earlier this year that only went one scholarship over the limit). The key, then, is getting the most out of the talent you do bring in. Clearly there's a case to be made that Richt hasn't done that over the past few seasons. But he seems to recognize that better conditioning and coaching, not rampant oversigning, is the key to getting the Dawgs back where they belong. If those two factors can help the class of 2011 (along with the veterans on Georgia's roster) achieve their full potential this season, nobody's going to be going over scholarship counts with a fine-toothed comb come January.

Doug Gillett hits the nail on the head. Go 'Dawgs!
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