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DGD Trinton Sturdivant Looks to Make Mark at New Position


If you liked the idea of using Jonathan Jenkins as a fullback in short yardage situations, how about the idea of lining Trinton Sturdivant up at tight end? The oft-injured offensive lineman is looking to make a move, and it's hard not to root for a guy who has had as much hard luck as Sturdivant has, who's still putting forth the effort to contribute to the team. If you think Orson Charles is a load for a linebacker to handle in coverage, though, can you imagine a guy trying to shadow Sturdivant on a shallow crossing route? Go 'Dawgs!

Which Dormant Georgia Rivalry Needs Reviving?


I think y'all know where I stand on this one, but Doug is asking you to vote. Go 'Dawgs!

Georgia Tech Fans Have Low Standards


Then again, who didn't know that? Go 'Dawgs!

Which Rival Do Georgia Fans Most Enjoy Beating?


You already know where NCT, vineyarddawg, and I stand on this one, but Doug Gillett is polling Bulldog Nation as a whole. Go 'Dawgs!

Bubba Watson Wins Farmers Insurance Open


Bubba Watson is a damn good 'Dawg, and I'm glad to see him succeed. Also, I enjoy those Farmers Insurance commercials with the guy who played J. Jonah Jameson in the "Spider-Man" movies. Go 'Dawgs!

Now We Know Why Vince Dooley is Proud to be a Kennesaw State Fighting Owl!


As bad as it's been to be a Georgia fan lately, it's always worse to be a Georgia Tech fan. (Note: I saw this when I went to SB Nation Atlanta to check on Cam Newton updates. Please don't accuse me of being obsessed with anyone. Thanks.) Go 'Dawgs!

Doug Gillett Previews the Louisiana-Lafayette Game


Too Much Information will be coming your way shortly after the start of the business day. Go 'Dawgs!

SB Nation Atlanta Maps Out Georgia Bulldogs' Recruiting


The accompanying visual aid graphically represents how well the 'Dawgs are doing at locking up in-state talent, but I could have done without the phrase "March to the Sea." Dude, my office window overlooks the railroad that was ripped up at the end of the Atlanta campaign of 1864. Don't do me like that. Go 'Dawgs!

Doug Gillett Shares His Dawgography


I think this will be remembered as the moment at which the Dawgography officially went mainstream. I predict that "sharing your Dawgography" will be the "bros icing bros" of August 2010. Only, nowhere near as lame. Go 'Dawgs!

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