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Gators Eat Boogers


Apparently, someone is unaware that, when the original hedges were removed to accommodate 1996 Olympic soccer, clippings from the original hedges were used to grow the new hedges. After that appalling display of ignorance, additional (and typical) appalling displays of ignorance follow. There's a reason why vineyarddawg hates Florida. Go 'Dawgs!

Dennis Dodd Ranks Sanford Stadium Nation's Tenth Best


Of course, that makes it only the fifth-best in the SEC, in his estimation. Also, Dennis needs to learn that "UGA" is the school and "Uga" is the dog. Go 'Dawgs!

Sanford Stadium Reviewed


The Georgia Bulldogs' home arena got high marks for everything but the food, and that's another Bulldog point of pride! Go 'Dawgs!

Oh, swell . . .


. . . I guess they're going to have to make up some more B.S. about how the hedges are dying again. I know it's been 15 years, but I'm still incensed about it. They announced that the 1996 Olympic soccer match or game or whatever the heck they call it would be played in Sanford Stadium, so the hedges would have to be uprooted to make room for the wider soccer field. Folks understandably were outraged, so, like "Days of Our Lives" responding to fans' objections about the death of Dr. Marlena Evans Brady, they changed their story in midstream; for one, it was a twin sister who died, and, for the other, it was the cockamamie excuse that the hedges were dying and had to be uprooted, anyway . . . yet, when the Olympics came to Athens, the hedges in the end zones and at the 50 yard line (the only hedges that didn't get in the way of the wider field) were right there where they always had been. It was bogus then, and it's bogus now. Why did we bother winning the Cold War if we're going to let this communist kickball be played on American soil? O.K., rant over. Thanks to David Hale for bringing this to my attention. Go 'Dawgs!

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