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Georgia Bulldogs 56, Florida Atlantic Owls 20: The Owls Were Not What They Seemed

The Georgia Bulldogs dealt the Florida Atlantic Owls a 56-20 defeat in a record-setting college football game, yet still the SEC East frontrunners have not played their best game.

Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot

Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot

A Modest (Read: Humorous) Proposal for Resolving the Georgia Bulldogs' Mascot Conundrum


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are anxious heading into the 2011 college football season, in which there will not be an official Uga on the sideline to start the autumn. Dawg Sports has a humorous...

Exclusive: Dawg Sports Interviews Uga VIII


After last Saturday's homecoming game, Dawg Sports scored an exclusive interview with the Georgia Bulldogs' new mascot, Uga VIII. Hear from the latest in the line of iconic bulldogs in his own words.

Georgia Bulldogs 43, Vanderbilt Commodores 0: We Have a New Uga . . . and a New Season


Under the watchful eye of the newly-anointed Uga VIII, the Georgia Bulldogs posted a 43-0 shutout victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores at homecoming. Is it a new college football season in Athens?

Georgia Bulldogs v. Arkansas Razorbacks Mascot Smackdown: Russ v. Tusk


One matchup being overlooked about this weekend's SEC football showdown between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Arkansas Razorbacks is the clash of the mascots. Who has the upper hand, Russ or Tusk?

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: A.J. Green, the Fulmer Cup, and "Team Russ" All Among Georgia Bulldogs Headlines


Dawg Sports brings you the latest Georgia Bulldogs news, including updates on A.J. Green's status, the 2010 Fulmer Cup tally, and the push to have Russ made the team's permanent mascot as Uga VIII.

Should Russ Lose the "Interim Mascot" Tag and Be Named the New Uga?


Should Russ lose the "interim mascot" tag and be named the new Uga? Vote in the Dawg Sports poll.

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