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The week in news- More Trojan Drama, Pirate Tales and a Bronze Teebus


I have 24 hours until the movers show up and about 23 hours worth of work left to do on this place before they get there. Welcome to a lightning round version of the week in news! Uber-recruit...

Ron Franklin out at ESPN


Long-time ESPN play-by-play announcer Ron Franklin, who announced more than a handful of Missouri basketball and football games on the network, was fired at ESPN after a tiff with a colleague. The article mentions derogatory language directed by Franklin at a colleague. Although it doesn't explicitly say sexual harassment, that's the clear implication. Based on the reports, firing could be construed as an overreaction in lieu of some other form of reprimand. However, it's not unreasonable for a company to have a "you can't curse your colleagues" policy. Also we don't know if Franklin has been disciplined in the past, or even all the details of the current incident. In any event, it's too bad. I always found Franklin's understated "just the facts ma'am" style refreshing.

The great Ron Franklin to call West Virginia @ LSU


If you're like me, ESPN primetime games meant one thing and one thing only: Ron Franklin. Unfortunately, that all changed back in 2005, when one ill-timed "sweetheart" comment to Holly Rowe left him wandering without a Saturday night home. Luckily for us, that all changes Saturday night in Baton Rouge. Let's hope the Mountaineers give him a proper welcome back to college football.




Georgia Bulldogs 44, Texas A&M Aggies 20: Declarations From the Independence Bowl


The Georgia Bulldogs returned to Shreveport 18 years after playing in their first Independence Bowl and their 44-20 triumph over the Texas A&M Aggies marked a fresh start for the Red and Black.

Worst of the Big 12: The Big 12 Cob Of the Week!


Worst of the Big 12: The Big 12 Cob Of the Week! - Vote On Nominatons for the Worst Big 12 performance this week. There's some good ones to choose from!

From the Twitter: Ron Franklin likely retiring after 09-10 season


Ron Franklin, voice of Big 12 Big Monday games and college FB on ESPN, says he's "98.5 %" sure he's retiring after 2009-10 seasons. [Promoted for Front Page Friday!]

Ten Television Personalities That Make College Football Great


Who are the top 10 best college football television personalities? This story looks at the best of the best as we approach kickoff to the 2009 season.

Essentials On The Eve Of Purdue and Notre Dame Squaring Off


The initial video we have to show is from my first of many truly traumatizing home game experiences as a Notre Dame student.  Going into this game, the Irish had upset Michigan and womped...

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