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Why Georgia Needs to Emulate Nick Saban's Approach

Some of Nick Saban's roster management practices may be ethically questionable, but Greg McGarity, Mark Richt, and the Georgia Bulldogs should follow the Alabama Crimson Tide's lead in one respect...

How Much Does Rodney Garner's Departure Matter?

"Mama called," and Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner chose to return to Auburn to do the same job for the Tigers he had been performing in Athens. What does this mean for the Bulldogs?

Richt Loses Key Assistant Garner to Auburn


Rodney Garner is headed to his alma mater after more than a decade in Athens.

Auburn swipes rival recruiter

Will Rodney Garner's leaving Athens for the Plains be more of a gain for Auburn or a loss for Georgia on the recruiting trail?

The Release of the BlogPoll Highlights a Full Rich Wednesday Morning's Worth of Dawg Bites

The Georgia Bulldogs are getting ready to face the Vanderbilt Commodores amid high poll rankings, favorable mock BCS standings, and Hall of Fame announcements. Get up to date with Dawg Bites.

They Are Merely Freshmen: The Encouraging Reaction Given to the Dream Team by the Georgia Bulldogs' Coaching Staff


Last February, Mark Richt signed the Georgia Bulldogs' "Dream Team" 2011 recruiting class. Now, as those freshmen prepare for their first college football season, the coaching staff is sounding...

The Question No Georgia Bulldogs Fan Wants to Have to Face


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst in tomorrow's Cocktail Party showdown with the Florida Gators. Where do the 'Dawgs go from here if another beatdown...

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest


It's a blockbuster weekend of college football in conference play as the Oregon Ducks host the Cal Golden Bears, the Iowa Hawkeyes visit the Penn State Nittany Lions, and the Miami Hurricanes...

KNS: Garner to Remain at Georgia


You can't always get what you want. Story includes the press release from Georgia with Garner's quotes on staying in Athens.

Talking points: the Orange Swarm is coming and resistance is futile


A quick roundup of the days' news about the Tennessee Volunteers.

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