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Linda McMahon already attempting babyface turn

Taking a page from the old pro wrestling playbook, Linda did a softball interview with 'Bloomberg Businessweek' earlier today, to start the long hard road in turning herself from hated heel to beloved philanthropic babyface.

Linda McMahon vs. Chris Murphy election day blog

Last-minute accusations of dirty tricks, Chris Murphy closes with a powerful speech, while Linda McMahon focuses on grass roots efforts to get her voters out in droves tomorrow. We will update this post as more news comes in on election day itself.


Republicans upset at Linda McMahon advertisement

Linda McMahon has risked alienating her conservative supporters by airing an advertisement encouraging Barack Obama voters to cross the aisle and vote for an independent thinker. Republicans Rob Simmons and Christopher Shays were both disappointed.

Linda McMahon benefits from political silly season

It's less than two weeks since Linda McMahon won the Connecticut Republican Party's primary and already she's started throwing the dirt at her Democrat opponent Chris Murphy. Linda is attempting to brand Murphy a slacker for missing Congress hearings

Linda McMahon wins Republican Party primary

As the New York Times reports, Linda McMahon comfortably won Connecticut's Republican Senate primary last night just like she did in 2010. The formula to her victory over Christopher Shays in the primary was the exact same one she had used previously

Linda McMahon accused of scripting fake storylines

Today was round two in the fight between Linda McMahon, ably abetted by her husband's company WWE, and the "bullying" Connecticut media. Linda's latest target for ruthless aggression is Ray Hackett of the Norwich Bulletin.

Previewing Linda McMahon's 2nd election campaign

Earlier today Linda McMahon, the wife of WWE's majority shareholder Vince McMahon and its former CEO until 2009, finally announced on friendly home turf that she was running for U.S. Senate again in 2012.

Linda McMahon still 99.9-percent certain that she will run for office again

Linda McMahon still 99.9% certain that she will run for office again. With Michele Bachmann claiming victory in the Iowa Republican Presidential candidate straw poll, Linda McMahon is surely hoping that Bachmann's success as a female candidate may rub off on her and improve her odds of winning the Connecticut Senate seat currently held by Joe Lieberman who is not seeking re-election in 2012.

Science Suggests Conservatives May Make Better Defensive Backs

Do conservatives make better defensive backs than liberals? Dawg Sports makes the science-based case for recruiting Republicans to play in the Georgia Bulldogs' defensive secondary.

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Tennessee Volunteers (Humorous Animal Sacrifice Edition)

Ordinarily, Dawg Sports provides an historical and statistical breakdown of the Georgia Bulldogs' next opponent in "Too Much Information," but, as the Red and Black get ready to face the Tennessee Volunteers, SB Nation's Georgia weblog goes in a different direction.

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