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Daily Open Thread for Thurs., Feb. 21: Numb

Here's your "Daily Open Thread" for Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. Throughout your day, come tell us whatever your heart desires, talk about this week's wrestling, or whatever else may be on your mind.

Songs in Progress: JP, Kuyt, and Bells


A Jermaine Pennant song is my ultimate goal, but the only thing I've thought of is singing: 'Pennant, nothing but Pennant, Jermaine Pennant, he just burnt your ass...' So on and so forth to the...

Liverpool apparently bag another Spanish wonderboy


Real Madrid wanted him, Arsene Wenger was eyeing him, but Liverpool beat them all to the punch, allegedly signing 18-year-old centreback Pedro Malaga from Segunda División side, Malaga FC. Hmmm,...

Is the Georgia Bulldogs' Malcolm Mitchell the Greatest of All the Malcolms?


Georgia Bulldogs standout Malcolm Mitchell has been moved from wide receiver to cornerback for spring football practice. Dawg Sports wants to know whether Mitchell is the greatest of all the Malcolms.

A Short Essay: Sportsmanship, Emphasis On Sports & Man


Another game, some more terrible refereeing. Another unnecessary loss of life, another hurdle for Serie A. What a mess. So, what can we learn from this week's lesson in Italian Calcio? Well, it's...

Domnina and Shabalin Win Ice Dance Worlds; Belbin and Agosto 2nd


Well, I never have been able to gauge ice dancing and I guess I just never will. I thought Domnina and Shabalin were the fourth best performance tonight (at best!) and looked positively sluggish...

Russians Mukhortova and Trankov Lead Pairs at Skate America


The pairs teams at Skate America were not quite ready for prime time. They wanted to make sure we all understood that this is, indeed, the first Grand Prix of the season. In a bit of a surprise,...

August 18, 2006: Andy's Greatest Game


Andy Marte's Greatest Game.

Richard Wright...1943-2008


Richard "Rick" Wright was the quiet man in Pink Floyd. His flawless tickling of the keyboards was always something to behold. Pink Floyd's music is seminal work though some would say the pre-Roger...

Rock M Roundtable!


First of all, everybody console Atch...who was screwed by weather and airlines out of a trip to the holy land this past weekend.  The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power...

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