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How Do the 2007 and 2012 Football Seasons Compare?

Though this college football season will produce neither a conference nor a national championship for Georgia, it remains one of the best uncrowned seasons in school history. In that regard, the 2012 Bulldogs resemble the 2007 Bulldogs.

So Much for That "Friendly Rivalry": Why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers Hate Each Other, and Should

For years, some folks have described the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry as a "friendly rivalry" in college football. Dawg Sports knows better, and explains why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers hate each other . . . and why they should.

Todd Grantham, Chas Henry, and the Controversy at the End of the Georgia-Florida Game

Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was spotted on the sideline at last Saturday's game against the Florida Gators directing a "choke" gesture to kicker Chas Henry. Dawg Sports comments on the controversy.

BlogPoll Ballot Time: Why in the World Should I Rank Any of These Teams?

Voters are beginning to assemble their preseason college football BlogPoll ballots. Dawg Sports identifies a handful of teams that may not deserve to be ranked . . . including the Georgia Bulldogs.

ESPN Is Out to Get the Pac-10

Apparently, the boys from Bristol have an axe to grind with the very same Southern California squad they spent all of 2005 hyping as the Best Team Ever and to which they gave free publicity by inviting Pete Carroll to join them as a guest commentator for the national championship game. Evidently, insufficient attention has been paid to the number of player arrests at Georgia and Florida. That baffles me . . . it seems we're constantly hearing about the number of player arrests at both programs; it seems to me that the "Program Out of Control!" stories being written about Oregon now are merely rehashes of the same stories about Florida a year ago. Also, USC fans are bent out of shape that no one is talking about player arrests at Tennessee. Maybe the significance of the term "Fulmer Cup" escapes them . . . and maybe they've forgotten on whose watch last year's Volunteer misdeeds occurred. Paragon SC is a friend, but he and I aren't watching the same media outlets if he thinks arrests of SEC student-athletes are underreported and the Trojans aren't the darlings of the Worldwide Leader. Go 'Dawgs!

Quality and Quantity: A Look at the Georgia Bulldogs' Non-Conference Record

How far do the Georgia Bulldogs lag behind such fellow SEC powerhouses as the Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers? Not as far as you might think. Dawg Sports looks at the three programs' SEC and out-of-conference records.

It's Been a Slow News Day

Well, you know, unless you count Jim Leavitt being fired, Dave Wommack being fired, and possibly Pete Carroll heading back to the NFL ranks. I mentioned Tommy Westphall earlier . . . I'm starting to feel like the world of college football is Tommy Westphall's snow globe, and he's been shaking it like crazy lately. (I apologize for mentioning snow when North Georgia is blanketed with the stuff. I'll never understand the appeal of snow; I hate being wet and I hate being cold, so snow is two bad tastes that taste worse together. My son, however, was up bright and early using a screwdriver to take the wheels off of his skateboard so he could go snowboarding in the front yard.) Go 'Dawgs!

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest

Who will win this weekend's Conference USA, MAC, Big 12, and SEC championship games? Who will win this weekend's de facto championship games between Oregon and Oregon State in the Pac-10 and between Cincinnati and Pitt in the Big East? Dawg Sports answers these questions in "Don't Bet On It!"

Among active coaches, only Florida's Urban Meyer, Southern Cal's Pete Carroll and Oklahoma's Bob...

Among active coaches, only Florida's Urban Meyer, Southern Cal's Pete Carroll and Oklahoma's Bob Stoops have better winning percentages than [Mark] Richt's .765 mark (88-27).

Just a little datum to provide us with some perspective on why we should be thankful

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest

Will Southern Miss upset Houston? Will USC get by Oregon? Is Oklahoma State lying in wait for Texas? Find out in this week's edition of "Don't Bet On It!"

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