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Debunking the Mike Piazza steroid myth

Many writers omitted Mike Piazza's name from their Hall Of Fame ballots due to skepticism about his muscular physique. Did he magically become a powerhouse overnight? Today we debunk that pernicious myth.

What happens when you go on a juice diet?

Two of the biggest cogs in the Padres offense are entering 2014 as variables. How will they perform in the shadow of baseball's biggest scandal?

Biogenesis - The Elephant in the Room

Almost a year has passed and 13 players have been suspended, but Major League Baseball has managed to keep much of the story out of the public eye. Fans won't see a cleaned-up MLB until they understand why it's dirty in the first place.

BREAKING NEWS: Suspensions Have Been Dealt

Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta, and Jesus Montero are among the many. Alex Rodriguez OFFICIAL verdict is coming soon.

Bradley: Boxing needs better drug testing

Timothy Bradley asked for and received USADA testing for Saturday's fight with Ruslan Provodnikov, and said in an interview this week that he hopes for boxing to expand its normal drug testing procedures.

Too many world records?

Ten world records in the first three days. Then six more on Wednesday. Thursday only resulted in two world records. In Sydney in 2000 a total of just 14 world records were set. Less than that many...

Kolton Houston's Continuing Ineligibility: Why Does the NCAA Hate Science and Reason?

We learned this week that Kolton Houston, who had been the Georgia Bulldogs' projected starter at right tackle coming out of spring practice, remains ineligible, as determined by the NCAA, due to...

UFC Tonight Video: Kenny Florian Goes Off On PED Users, Calls For Random Drug Testing

UFC veteran Kenny Florian editorializes against PED use and calls for random drug testing in this video from UFC Tonight.

Roy Nelson on PED's in MMA: 'It's a Very Small World'

Roy Nelson talks to Ben Fowlkes about the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in modern-day mixed martial arts (MMA).

Is The UFC Making All The Right Moves?

Nate Wilcox and Luke Thomas debate whether or not the UFC is at an inflection point in their business in this video chat with transcript.

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