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'Dawgs Destroy Auburn, 38-0

The Georgia Bulldogs claimed the SEC East crown with a 38-0 victory over the Auburn Tigers on the Plains in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. It was kind of a good night to be a Georgia fan.

Where Do the Georgia Bulldogs Rank in the Preseason SEC Power Poll Ballot?

With the 2012 college football season just two days away, it is time once more to rank the teams of the Southeastern Conference in SB Nation's SEC Power Poll. Where does your favorite team rank?

Georgia Bulldogs v. Auburn Tigers: Too Much Information


On Saturday afternoon in Sanford Stadium, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers will renew the Deep South's oldest college football rivalry between the hedges. Dawg Sports looks at this...

When Nevin Met Orson: A One-Act Play


The Georgia Bulldogs' Orson Charles was one of the high school recruits Nevin Shapiro wooed on behalf of the Miami Hurricanes. Dawg Sports imagines the scene with Every Day Should Be Saturday's...

Wednesday Night Dawg Bites: Five Questions on Nike Pro Combat Uniforms, Will Muschamp, the NCAA Investigation of Auburn, and Texas A&M's Rumored Entry Into the SEC


Dawg Sports has five questions about Will Muschamp, the NCAA investigation of Auburn, the Georgia Bulldogs' Nike pro combat uniforms, and the rumor that the Texas A&M Aggies will be joining the SEC.

"All In" . . . the Bag?


I hate to treat anything involving Paul Finebaum and Danny Sheridan as anything more than rumor, but, given the significance of it, I thought it was worth a link. (Insert "haters gonna hate" .gif here.) Go 'Dawgs!

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan Reacts to the Toomer's Corner Oaks Being Poisoned: Thoughts from the Other Side of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry


The Toomer's Corner oaks, an integral part of one of the Auburn Tigers' longstanding college football traditions, were poisoned. A Georgia Bulldogs fan offers his reaction from the opposite side of...

A Poetic Ode to the Georgia Bulldogs as They Prepare to Face the Florida Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party


How does a fan help the Georgia Bulldogs prepare for their SEC East showdown with the Florida Gators? Dawg Sports does it by writing a poetic ode to the rebound by the Red and Black in the 2010...

Monday Night Dawg Bites: Outsiders Report That Sky is Falling, Insiders Offer Sober Analysis of Georgia Bulldogs Using Facts and Math


While outsiders reliant upon Paul Finebaum and message board traffic may believe Mark Richt is on the hot seat, knowledgeable fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are taking a more measured approach to the...

Going into his 10th season, some folks are wondering how much time is left for him in Athens. I...


Going into his 10th season, some folks are wondering how much time is left for him in Athens. I personally am wondering if that is more a reflection of his record (unlikely) or just the fact that we're not used to SEC coaches sticking around for that long.

The above passage is the only part of Year2's examination of Mark Richt's longevity as the head coach of the Bulldogs with which I take issue. I disagree with that sentiment, for two reasons. First of all, the reason "some folks" are "wondering" about such things is that the "folks" in question know little to nothing about the University of Georgia, its history, its administration, or its fan base. The more you know about the culture in the Classic City, the more certain you are that there's nothing to all this "hot seat" nonsense. If Paul Finebaum says otherwise, it's only because Paul Finebaum doesn't know whereof he speaks, Paul Finebaum is more interested in stirring the pot than in making sense, or both. My second quarrel is separate, yet it also underscores the correctness of my initial objection. In Athens, we are, in fact, "used to SEC coaches sticking around for that long." Counting the head coach whose tenure overlapped with the founding of the Southeastern Conference, the Bulldogs have had eight head coaches as an SEC member institution. Only two of those served fewer than five seasons in that role. Since the SEC came into being, the Red and Black have been led by coaches who served ten years (Harry Mehre), 22 years (Wally Butts), and 25 years (Vince Dooley). As long as Mark Richt is not fired before the end of the 2010 season, half of the head football coaches to have served in Sanford Stadium in the SEC era will have lasted a decade or more between the hedges. I can't speak for the rest of the league, but, at Georgia, we're perfectly accustomed to seeing head coaches last for the long haul. I was in my first quarter as a student at the University of Georgia when my father and I attended the Bulldogs' season opener in Coach Dooley's final fall as the Red and Black coach. I will not be surprised in the slightest if my two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, is in her first semester as a student at the University of Georgia when she and I attend the Bulldogs' season opener in Coach Richt's final fall as the Red and Black coach. Go 'Dawgs!
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