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Where Men Win Glory


That's the title of Jon Krakauer's new Pat Tillman biopic coming this September. Tillman was a NFL starting safety who walked away from a 3.6 million dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals to...

Pat's Run Registration Begins November 11th


The annual Pat's Run will take place on April 21, 2012. Early Registration begins Friday November 11. Pat's Run honors former Cardinal and Arizona State Safety Patt Tillman who was killed in...

Coyotes Keeper Jason LaBarbera Unveils Pat Tillman Tribute for 2011-12 Season


Jason LaBarbera is putting his money where his mask is....for a great cause.

Ravens Cheerleade​rs Join Tillman Military Scholars in Service Projects


Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders will join approximately 100 volunteers on Monday (7/11) to participate in several community service projects in East Baltimore, representing the Pat Tillman...

More Memorial Day NFL 'Heros'


The Arizona Cardinals' Pat Tillman might have been the most recent NFL player to give his life fighting to protect this country, but he certainly wasn't the first or only former player to do so.

NFL Memorial Day Tribute: Pat Tillman


On this Memorial Day, we recall the life and death of former Arizona Cardinals safety and U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who turned his back on a lucrative NFL career for the chance to serve his...

Osama Bin Laden's Death Reminds Us Of Pat Tillman's Legacy


Where were you on Sunday night? May 1, 2011 will forever go down as a good day for the United States of America. Osama bin Laden has paid the price for his actions, and the death of this terrorist...

NFL and Pat Tillman Foundation announce NFL-Tillman Scholarship


The Tillman Foundation does a ton of good work for soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. This is just the latest example.

For years, the Big Ten's comeback to the perceived dominance of Southern Cal and the SEC on Jan. 1...


For years, the Big Ten's comeback to the perceived dominance of Southern Cal and the SEC on Jan. 1 (in the latter case, it is only a perception: the Big Ten and SEC have split their annual dates in the Citrus/Capital One and Outback Bowls, 10-10, over the last decade) has been "Why don't you come play in the cold for a change?" Well, why don't they? SEC teams have traveled west for non-conference games in the Pac-10, but except for Kentucky's long-running "rivalry" with Indiana, have rearely ventured north of the Mason-Dixon line for any game – certainly not a bowl game, because they haven't existed – in a generation. Any conference with such obviously expanding ambitions should try its hand in unfamiliar territory.

Dr. Saturday remains the blogosphere's most universally-respected figure, and deservedly so, but he's whiffed at a few pitches lately. First, he wrote and published the ten-word sentence---"If life isn't fair, fix it so that it is"---that so perfectly summed up the wrongheaded formulation that has produced much political madness that it sent a shudder through my soul. He followed that up by authoring the passage quoted above, which missed the mark badly. Let's be clear here: Big Ten teams won't travel to play SEC teams, not the other way around, and they have a lot of nerve whining about our refusal to play football in the snow when they're the ones who refuse to let us play baseball until it's warm enough for them. Vanderbilt played Michigan in Ann Arbor, but didn't get a return game. If you think that's fair, check the Commodores' and the Wolverines' records the last two years and tell me what entitles the Maize and Blue to be so full of themselves. (Vanderbilt is an AAU member and everything!) Those of us in Athens are still waiting on our return game from traveling to the Big House in 1965, and we've made every effort to meet the Michiganders halfway. To repeat, Dr. Saturday still does good work---his points on the 2010 Hall of Fame induction class are well taken; incidentally, I voted for Sam Cunningham and Pat Tillman---but, upon the point raised in the above-quoted passage, Matt Hinton needs to fight the real enemy. Go 'Dawgs!
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