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How Much Does Rodney Garner's Departure Matter?

"Mama called," and Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner chose to return to Auburn to do the same job for the Tigers he had been performing in Athens. What does this mean for the Bulldogs?

Mark Richt's First Eleven Years with the Georgia Bulldogs: An Assessment (Part Two)


Mark Richt made it off the coaching "hot seat" during the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports looks at the Georgia Bulldogs' records against Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech,...


Thoughts from a former Wartiglesman

My grandfather, a man who, unfortunately, passed away before I was born, was from a small town in northeast Alabama. He went to the erstwhile Alabama Polytechnic Institute before he graduated and...

The Auburn Screed


On Saturday afternoon, the Georgia Bulldogs will renew the SEC's oldest college football rivalry with the Auburn Tigers. Dawg Sports explains why the Plainsmen, rather than the Florida Gators or...

No Pain, No Gain?: Preseason Practice, Injuries, and the Georgia Bulldogs


The Georgia Bulldogs have reintroduced two-a-days, upgraded their conditioning program, . . . and suffered a rash of preseason injuries. Do the benefits of tackling to the ground in football...

Would Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Most Like to See the Boise State Broncos, Florida Gators, or Auburn Tigers Crash and Burn?


During the 2011 college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs will cross paths with three teams clad in orange and blue. Would Bulldog Nation most like to see the Boise State Broncos, Florida...

So Much for That "Friendly Rivalry": Why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers Hate Each Other, and Should


For years, some folks have described the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry as a "friendly rivalry" in college football. Dawg Sports knows better, and explains why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn...

Georgia Bulldogs Baseball: David Perno, Mixed Emotions, and the NCAA Corvallis Regional


The Diamond Dogs are bound for their sixth NCAA Baseball Tournament under David Perno, so why does the Georgia Bulldogs head coach stir mixed emotions among Red and Black fans on the eve of the...

Will Muschamp Continues to Go Out of His Way to Make an Ass of Himself


Not only did he guarantee a Cocktail Party victory, but he made fun of the idea of marrying a Georgia fan. For the record, Will Muschamp is a University of Georgia graduate whose wife is from Thomaston and whose brother coaches in Atlanta. At the time of their wedding, Coach Muschamp's wife married a Georgia fan; apparently, he thinks Mrs. Muschamp chose her mate poorly. I would tend to agree. I'll tell you what, Will. If we're that bad, you turncoat son of a bitch, how 'bout you don't come up here and recruit, either? Just stay out of the state altogether; I'll be happy to keep the game in Jacksonville just to keep you on your side of the state line. Coach Chump is rapidly working his way up into Pat Dye territory for me. And don't even get me started on people who get married during football season. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

The Inaugural Georgia Bulldogs Hate Index (Part Two)


A week ago, The Inaugural Georgia Bulldogs Hate Index debuted in this space. (Easter having come and gone in the interim, I should add that sports hatreds are not hatreds in the strictest literal...

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