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GwinnettGamecock's Take on Where the SEC Now Stands


It's a good assessment of the Southeastern Conference's stature in the wake of a conference expansion exercise that ended with a whimper rather than a bang. Go 'Dawgs!

Stick a Fork in Conference Expansion . . .


. . . because it appears to be done. (Hat tip: SG Standard.) ESPN reports that Texas has announced its intention to remain in the Big 12, and school sources at Texas A&M are offering a similar indication. Gene Stallings certainly has backed off of his hardline stance in favor of the Aggies moving to the SEC. Frankly, I don't get it. I don't see how the Big 12 can negotiate a better television deal after losing the marquee program in the Big 12 North, the Denver media market, and the right to host a conference championship game. If, however, that is what has happened---and it certainly appears that it has---we all owe Dan Beebe a huge apology. After getting so psyched up over the ostensibly impending arrival of Texas A&M, I am disappointed at the loss of the opportunity to see the Bulldogs play a conference road game at what is (in my humble opinion) the most well-named college stadium in the country. At the end of the day, though, the twelve-team SEC has been an enormous success, and the prospect of twelve teams in the Big Ten and the Pac-10 does not threaten the long-term viability of the league. With neither the Big Ten nor the Pac-10 gaining a toehold in the Lone Star State, the SEC is not imperiled by failing to make such inroads. In the end, it looks like initial projections were correct, and we all got caught up in the excitement of what turned out to be much ado about not very much. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. Go 'Dawgs!

If the SEC Gets Texas A&M, Should Mike Slive Go After Houston, Too?


It wouldn't be my preference, but blackertai makes his case for the Cougars. Go 'Dawgs!

Does Moving to the SEC Make Sense for Texas A&M?


According to at least one Aggie fan, it does. Here is the very sensible short course in why the best move for Texas A&M would be to head east rather than west. It's a good read. Go 'Dawgs!

It's Not a Done Deal, but Texas A&M to SEC Looking Better and Better


It seems like every update offers an additional indication that an Aggie power broker is pushing Texas A&M to make the culturally, geographically, and financially sensible decision to go east to the SEC rather than west to the Pac-16. I don't buy for a second that Oklahoma is still on the table, and Texas was never on the table to begin with, but the Aggies seem like an increasingly good bet. The story has gone mainstream, and it appears the votes are there, so I'm increasingly confident that this deal is going to get done, but, after the Kirby Smart debacle, I know better than to count my chickens before they've hatched. We need to hold our horses where the welcoming committee is concerned. Do I believe it's going to happen? Yes, I do . . . but it hasn't happened yet, and this Agatha Christie mystery almost certainly has a few plot twists left to come before the hay truly is in the barn. Yes, I'm gearing up to welcome the Aggies---hey, I mentioned chickens, horses, hay, and barns, didn't I?---but we'll offer a formal "howdy" when we get something official. Stay tuned, folks; we've got a heck of a week ahead of us. Go 'Dawgs!

ESPN Is Out to Get the Pac-10


Apparently, the boys from Bristol have an axe to grind with the very same Southern California squad they spent all of 2005 hyping as the Best Team Ever and to which they gave free publicity by inviting Pete Carroll to join them as a guest commentator for the national championship game. Evidently, insufficient attention has been paid to the number of player arrests at Georgia and Florida. That baffles me . . . it seems we're constantly hearing about the number of player arrests at both programs; it seems to me that the "Program Out of Control!" stories being written about Oregon now are merely rehashes of the same stories about Florida a year ago. Also, USC fans are bent out of shape that no one is talking about player arrests at Tennessee. Maybe the significance of the term "Fulmer Cup" escapes them . . . and maybe they've forgotten on whose watch last year's Volunteer misdeeds occurred. Paragon SC is a friend, but he and I aren't watching the same media outlets if he thinks arrests of SEC student-athletes are underreported and the Trojans aren't the darlings of the Worldwide Leader. Go 'Dawgs!

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