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Slapstick Saturday: It's not easy being green

Just ask Kevin Nash, who was forced to become "Oz" in one of the dumbest gimmicks ever created in WCW. And that's coming from a company that made Robocop a playable character and crowned David...

Where Do the Georgia Bulldogs Rank in the Preseason SEC Power Poll Ballot?

With the 2012 college football season just two days away, it is time once more to rank the teams of the Southeastern Conference in SB Nation's SEC Power Poll. Where does your favorite team rank?

Grantland reveals why Kevin Nash wants another run in WWE

Grantland has made a name for itself recently for featuring the best long form articles on pro wrestling anywhere on the web. Once again they have come up trumps with a fascinating article on Kevin...

Video: WWE 'Are You Serious' (Episode four)


Watch the latest episode of WWE's YouTube exclusive web series "Are You Serious."

"Oz": Panthers owner Alan Cohen's new premier community at the BAC


Marketing / Promotional info on "Oz", to be built adjacent to the BankAtlantic Center: It's sunrise, and a fresh-baked scone beckons at the French bakery right outside your door. Your coffee is perfect because it is prepared by a local who knows you by name. Just a few feet from your residence is your office, and your commute is a stroll, no bus, no car, no taxi, no train. You will pass friends along the way. They will smile, wave and say hello. Indeed, nothing says "good living" quite like a scone. And all the smiling and waving sounds like a stroll through labotomy-land. Who wrote this? Richard Simmons? Alas, it gets better: Tonight you might take in a show, a Broadway show, or a professional hockey game or concert at the arena just around the corner. Your seats will be just where you like them, thanks to your resident concierge. Late night is every night in Oz, with sidewalk cafes, clubs, restaurants, bistros and even fitness clubs operating on your schedule. Who doesn't need the option of a 3 a.m. visit to the bistro outside your door? And exactly what is included in the "concierge" service? Are they female? Bob Norman of the Broward New Times carries this, um, unusual story.

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