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At Blogs With Balls, Spencer Hall Showed, Um, Guts

Brian is right that "this is pure meta," but the inestimable Mr. Cook has provided the blogosphere with a tremendous service by transcribing the exchange that was hard to hear on the video but well worth your time to review. Enjoy, and express your gratitude to Orson Swindle for fighting the good fight! Go 'Dawgs!

This Is What I'm Saying . . .

We in the blogosphere carp and complain about this sort of thing on a weekly basis when it comes to voters in the AP, coaches', and Harris polls, so it's only right for Orson Swindle to point it out when Heisman Trophy voters do the same thing. Beat the Christmas rush; hate the Heisman Trophy now. Go 'Dawgs!

Check out the entry for "Z"

I consider it a copycat crime. The "Silence of the Lambs" tribute by LSUFreek was disturbing on many, many levels, by the way. Go 'Dawgs!

The other shoe has dropped . . .

. . . and, to Orson's credit, it was not as bad as I had feared. For the record, yes, I do assume a subhuman level of basic morality on the part of Urban Meyer, as I believe Orson also does when Tim Tebow's health is not a part of the equation. To repeat (because it bears repeating), I hope Tim Tebow makes a complete recovery from his injury, not just because I believe Tebow to be a fine Christian young man in addition to being an outstanding football player, but because I am not so rabid in my fandom that I would ever celebrate a college student suffering an illness or injury, much less a serious one. If Tebow is held out of practices and games until, say, November 1 or thereabouts, that'd be all right with me, but I hope he returns to full health. But do I believe this guy was offering inspiring expressions of team devotion between being led off the field in a daze, throwing up, and being placed in an ambulance? I do not. Do I believe anyone who says Tebow said any such thing is either lying or mistaken? I do . . . and I read Orson's rejoinder to say that I should not have written what I wrote, not that he has any basis for believing that what I wrote was wrong. Best wishes to Tebow as he bounces back from this jarring hit. Go 'Dawgs!

While I respect your desire not to buy anything about the Florida Gators . . .

. . . I received my copy of Spencer (Orson Swindle) Hall's Maple Street Press annual a few days ago and I am pleased to report that all that was changed in my rundown of the Georgia-Florida rivalry was the title (I called it "The World's Shortest Written History of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"). If you haven't gotten it, go get it. If you don't feel right about ordering a Florida annual, find a friend who's a Florida fan and get him to do it for you. I'm sure skigator93 would be willing to order a bunch of copies, provided he's reimbursed for his time and expense. Go 'Dawgs!

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