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Gatorfreude College World Series Open Comment Thread


The Florida Gators are one loss away from being eliminated from the College World Series. That's reason enough for fans of the Georgia Bulldogs to tune in and share the Gatorfreude in the Dawg...

The Big Ten is Bound and Determined to Ruin College Baseball: Why the NCAA Should Let Jim Delany Take His Ball and Go Home


Two years after the NCAA imposed the uniform start date on college baseball at the Big Ten's insistence, Jim Delany is back, asking for another concession to Midwestern mediocrity. It's time for...

The Diamond Dogs at the Crossroads: Where Do the Georgia Bulldogs Stand Among SEC Baseball Programs?


Three SEC East baseball teams are headed to Omaha for the College World Series. The Georgia Bulldogs are not one of them. Where do David Perno's Diamond Dogs stand after the 2011 campaign?

Clean, Old-Fashioned Creight: Getting to Know the Creighton Bluejays


The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Creighton Bluejays in the Corvallis Regional of the NCAA Baseball Tournament on Friday. Dawg Sports provides insights from the perspective of a graduate of...

Georgia Bulldogs Baseball: David Perno, Mixed Emotions, and the NCAA Corvallis Regional


The Diamond Dogs are bound for their sixth NCAA Baseball Tournament under David Perno, so why does the Georgia Bulldogs head coach stir mixed emotions among Red and Black fans on the eve of the...

College Baseball Uniform Start Date Proves Big Ten Hates America


The Division II Valdosta State Blazers begin play today, so why do the Division I Georgia Bulldogs have to wait to begin playing college baseball? The uniform start date pushed for by the Big Ten...

Baseball America College Top 25 Released: Georgia Bulldogs Face Daunting Diamond Slate in 2011


Baseball America has released its preseason college baseball top 25. The rankings do not bode well for David Perno's Georgia Bulldogs, who will face ranked opponents 21 times in 56 games.

A Word About Preseason College Football Predictions Before I Make Any


Dawg Sports offers a cautionary word about preseason college football predictions before making any of them. Also, the call has been sent out for Georgia Bulldogs fans to share their "Dawgographies!"


Torn Between Two Rivals

The Clemson Tigers are playing the South Carolina Gamecocks in the College World Series. Which way is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs to root?

Can the Georgia Bulldogs Duplicate the L.S.U. Tigers' Success in Baseball?


The L.S.U. Tigers are a powerhouse sports program in football and baseball. Is it possible for the Georgia Bulldogs to join them among the elite on both the gridiron and the diamond?

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