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An Opposing Quarterback Has Been Arrested


Meanwhile, Georgia still hasn't had a player arrested since October 11, 2010. The remojofication of Bulldog Nation continues apace. Go 'Dawgs!

It May Be Time to Consider Throwing a Virgin Into a Volcano


All right, as I mentioned earlier, I was out of pocket and on the road all last night and today, so I trust I may be forgiven for missing this. The fact that it was a misdemeanor suggests that we are not due for a forthcoming police report involving red panties and borderline attempted bribery, and the fact that it was a former player means the Bulldogs' streak without a current player arrest remains intact, but . . . damn. Just damn. Et tu, Hines? How long before the message boards begin asserting that Mark Richt's discipline is so lax, it's corrupting Ray Goff's players? Go 'Dawgs!

Auburn Running Back Arrested on Bulldog-Like Charges


It has been reported that Onterio McCalebb "was arrested on May 14 for driving an 'unregistered vehicle,' one without a license plate or registration decal. McCalebb was also apparently unable to provide a valid driver's license." Had he done all that while emerging from an alley in Athens, then misspelled his middle name, he might be facing the death penalty. (Insert obligatory Auburn death penalty joke here.) Go 'Dawgs!

Football Player Arrested in Atlanta for Driving with Suspended License


Just not a college player . . . an NFL player. Yeah, all right, that was mean, I know. Go 'Dawgs!

Florida Gator Busted for Pot Possession . . . Again


Meanwhile, unless I've missed a memo somewhere, there hasn't been a Georgia football player arrested since October 11. For what it's worth, you can't spell "The University of Florida Gators" without T-H-U-G. Go 'Dawgs!

Is It Wrong That I Had Hoped It Would be Faculty Members?


The good news is that no current or former Georgia football players were involved in these shenanigans. The bad news is that three recruits were, which basically torpedoes any shot these young men had of ever wearing the red and black. Meanwhile, unless I missed a police blotter update, no actual Bulldogs have been arrested since October 11. Go 'Dawgs!

Offseason Officially Underway: Football Player Arrested


Fortunately, it isn't one of ours, for once! Florida's Janoris Jenkins reportedly was busted for pot possession, proving once again the following SAT analogy: Holding weed : Florida Gators :: driving on a suspended license : Georgia Bulldogs. Go 'Dawgs!

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