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SEC Media Days: Bob Holt, Bret Bielema, New Rules


There'll surely be plenty of Bielema reaction after his appearance Wednesday afternoon, so here's some things going on before the topic changes.


A clock malfunction extended the Purdue-IU game by 20 seconds. It still didn't help IU.

Did you know: there were an extra ~20 seconds played in yesterday's Purdue-Indiana matchup? SBNation won't let me embed Facebook videos here, but the privacy on this video is set to public, so...

Sixers Beat Nuggets, Actually Kind of Easily


The Sixers were on the same page, and the Nuggets weren't. Sometimes, that sums a lot of it up.

Why Opponents of NHL Fighting Are Wrong


Everyone fears for player safety. So why should fighting stay in hockey, when only the NHL allows it? I'm glad you asked.



What is it with this guy? The Sounders hate him. The Timbers hate him. I'm not sure there is a fanbase in MLS that doesn't have some horrific call or non-call they associate Ricardo Salazar with. i...

Gifathon: When refs fail to protect the fighters


Zombie Prophet has compiled a gif fest featuring fights where the referee failed to protect the fighters.

Snapshot of Pierre Garcon's Feet After Catching RG3's First NFL Throw

You Be the Judge {click here to view} {Or a different snapshot of it} While I'm at it, Here's Bob's only other incompletion against Buffalo. That's the ball between Niles' chest and hands before being dropped/fumbled. {click here to view} I might as well mention how great it is having a receiver (Garcon), who was mentored by Peyton Manning for 3 seasons, now working with RG3. (All part of the plan?) If work ethic is the primary determinant of QBs gaining a cunning knowledge and command of this game, the rest of the league better look out.

ESPN: Replacement officials may work into regular season


Almost universally across the league fans have agreed on one thing, the NFL needs to agree to a deal to get their regular officials back on the field as soon as possible. League executives said...

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Break Curse Of Back-To-Backs


It took the Dallas Stars nearly six months, but they finally won the second game of a back-to-back and other news and notes from around the NHL.


VIDEO: ECHL Officiating Gaffe Makes Us Appreciate NHL Referees

NHL fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the inconsistent nature of the quality of officiating in hockey over the years. With a sport that is moving faster and faster with bigger hits and...

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