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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: 76 Straight Wins Lead the Big Parade


There is much news afoot for fans of the Georgia Bulldogs, from the football field to the basketball court to, yes, the women's swimming and diving team. Dawg Sports sums it all up for you in this...

Conference Expansion, Contracts, and Commitments: The Problem of a Nine-Game SEC Schedule


The addition of the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies to the SEC may mean the league will go to a nine-game conference football schedule starting in 2012. Dawg Sports explains why this is...

How to Implement an 18-Game SEC Basketball Schedule Without Doing Away with the Divisions


The SEC is discussing doing away with the divisions in basketball and switching to an 18-game conference schedule. Dawg Sports has a solution which would allow the league to keep its divisions,...

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Can and Should Play the Clemson Tigers in the Georgia Dome to Open the 2015 College Football Season


There is a new athletic director in Athens, neutral site games at the Georgia Dome are being scheduled, and contests close to home are being favored. Dawg Sports explains why the Georgia Bulldogs...

Thursday College Football Game Night Open Comment Thread


It’s Thursday night, there’s high-flying point-scoring Big 12 conference action on ESPN, and we have plenty to discuss, from the release of the new BlogPoll to the release of the new SEC Power Poll...

Bulldogs to Play Buffalo in 2012 Opener


(Hat tip: Seth Emerson.) Five bucks says you can't name the Bulls' head coach without Googling. (No, it's not Turner Gill any more.) Go 'Dawgs!

A Look Ahead at the Georgia Bulldogs' 2013 Football Schedule: Back to the Future


Dawg Sports looks ahead to the Georgia Bulldogs' 2013 football schedule and foresees back-to-back outings against the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks that will give that season a...

Quality and Quantity: A Look at the Georgia Bulldogs' Non-Conference Record


How far do the Georgia Bulldogs lag behind such fellow SEC powerhouses as the Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers? Not as far as you might think. Dawg Sports looks at the three programs' SEC and...

Why College Teams Should Play Tough Non-Conference Opponents


Conventional wisdom holds that top teams in college baseball and football would do well to pad their non-conference schedules with patsies. Dawg Sports strongly disagrees.

Kyle Gets Contrary: Why I Don't Like Mike Leach


The blogosphere's ongoing love affair with quotable, pirate-loving Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach is well-documented. Dawg Sports takes issue with this misplaced affection in the latest...

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