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They Are Merely Freshmen: The Encouraging Reaction Given to the Dream Team by the Georgia Bulldogs' Coaching Staff

Last February, Mark Richt signed the Georgia Bulldogs' "Dream Team" 2011 recruiting class. Now, as those freshmen prepare for their first college football season, the coaching staff is sounding just the right note in speaking of the stellar rookies.

Thursday Night Dawg Bites: "Practice? We're Talkin' 'Bout Practice!" Edition

The Georgia Bulldogs' first day of fall camp is behind them. What do the Red and Black faithful need to know with 30 days remaining before the start of the 2011 college football season? Dawg Sports has you covered.

If Nick Marshall Is Any Indication, the "Dream Team" Is Ready to Play for the Georgia Bulldogs

The early returns on the 2011 "Dream Team" recruiting class suggest that star signee Nick Marshall is ready to play for the Georgia Bulldogs this college football season.

Georgia Bulldogs' 2011 Recruiting Class Capped Off by Addition of John Jenkins

The addition of John Jenkins to the Georgia Bulldogs' 2011 recruiting class capped off a stellar year of college football recruiting for Mark Richt and his staff.

Georgia Bulldogs' Nick Marshall Latest Wilcox County Player to Aid Mark Richt in Athens

The Wilcox County Patriots' Nick Marshall was among the 25 elite high school prospects who signed letters of intent to play for Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs on national signing day. Dawg Sports explains why Marshall is the kind of athlete the Bulldogs need to target for future recruiting classes, as well.

National Signing Day 2011: Current Georgia Bulldogs List of Signees

Dawg Sports has the current list of Georgia Bulldogs recruits who have sent their letters of intent to Athens on national signing day.

Wednesday Night Dawg Bites

Dawg Sports brings you your Wednesday night edition of Dawg bites, complete with Georgia's rise in the college rankings, the collapse of the WAC, and complimentary beer in a thin atmosphere.

Georgia Bulldogs Prepare to Battle Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Movie Monsters

Georgia Bulldogs recruit Zach DeBell has displayed a keen knowledge of zombies. Dawg Sports identifies which Red and Black players are best suited to battling such evil movie monsters as vampires, werewolves, and Sauron.


Nick Marshall Recruiting Update

In the wake of Zach Mettenberger's dismissal, the Georgia Bulldogs find it more critical than ever that they land an elite quarterback in their 2011 recruiting class. Wilcox County's Nick Marshall could be the answer to the Bulldogs' prayers.

Christian LeMay Might be More Likely to Play for the Georgia Bulldogs in the Wake of Zach Mettenberger's Departure, but Don't Forget About Nick Marshall

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Christian LeMay is more likely to sign with the Georgia Bulldogs now that Zach Mettenberger has been dismissed from the team. Dawg Sports reminds fans not to forget about Wilcox County's Nick Marshall.

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