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An Experiment in Sensationalism- A Critique (Defense?) of Sport Newspapers


There's a wealth of football news out there. Daily sports-only newspapers have existed for more than a century, and they sell very well. The Gazzetta dello sport, Tuttosport, and the Corriere dello...

David Hale Decorated for New Media Interaction by a Beat Writer


Congratulations to David Hale for this richly deserved recognition. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy or a better reporter. Go 'Dawgs!

The GoPowercat Monopoly?


BracketCat analyzes what the entry of GoPowercat.com into the television market means for the future of K-State sports coverage in the Kansas media.

Can design save newspapers?


Every so often (as most blogs do) we discuss the ways that media, and in particular newspapers, is changing. Usually it's something grim for the newspapers. Here's the other side of the argument, that perhaps something as obvious as just having good design can save newspapers. This six minute video goes over what design can do from a designer who, by his own admission, doesn't see much of a reason for newspapers to survive. Before you immediately say no to the title's question, consider that the papers he's done design for have seen circulation rise over the past couple years. Perhaps its just a factor of the regions he works in, but it's worth a listen.

Welcome to the Club: David Hale Receives Dumb Insult, Gains Blog Cred


The gap between the mainstream media and the blogosphere continues to close: David Hale, a newspaper beat reporter, recently received the sorts of ridiculous criticisms ordinarily reserved for...

Kyle Gets Contrary: Should Bloggers Be More Like Newspaper Columnists?


Bob Kravitz recently called out an SB Nation blogger for using a pseudonym. At Dawg Sports, Kyle gets contrary by agreeing with the mainstream media.

With the media struggling, should fans worry?


A couple of weeks back, the Dallas Stars blog on Dallas News reported about Los Angeles Times and LA Daily News cutting coverage of the Los Angeles Kings in their paper.  Oh, stories were still...

Dana White vs. Internet Media


WKR delves into Dana White's comments about new media and how it is counter productive for the current layout of MMA.

Online News and Blogs Didn't Kill the Newspapers


Online news and blogs are gradually supplanting newspapers as people's source for current events. They did not kill the newspaper business fully though, and that's a story worth telling.

The Death of the Print Media and the Birth of the New Blogosphere - Maize n Brew


An absolutely fantastic writeup of the evolution away from print media by Maize n Brew's manager, Maize n Brew Dave. It's long, but I pretty well agree with his assessment on things. If we lose beat reporters in the leap away from newspapers, we're losing a lot more than most people let on.

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