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"Unprecedented penalties" to be levied against Penn State by NCAA


Announcement set for 9:00 A.M. Monday. However, CBS is the source on this, so use caution.

Oh, of Course!


Because this particular Wednesday just wasn't going quite crappily enough here in Bulldog Nation, now we're getting word that offensive lineman Kolton Houston has been sidelined by a mysterious NCAA issue. As you will recall, our last two "NCAA issues" ended with Jarvis Jones and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope being cleared. What're the chances of the NCAA green-lighting three consecutive Georgia players? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Will someone please come pick me up and fly me across the international date line so this sorry dadgum day can end, already? Go 'Dawgs!

Tech's folks don't like being called cheaters


Which is really too bad, because not following the rules means ya cheated. I'd be more amused and surprised at this idiocy, but knowing Tech fans means there is no surprise. I do have to say, Tech's coach fits their fanbase well, though.

Maybe the NCAA is Trying to Make It Up to Us for Suspending A.J.


Georgia could benefit from NCAA investigations into Boise State football and Central Florida basketball. Go 'Dawgs!

Hey Now, Hey Now, Dream It's Over


Notwithstanding the ongoing NCAA investigation, the 2010 Auburn Tigers officially now are the college football equivalent of the 1997 Florida Marlins. Go 'Dawgs!

Auburn on Whether Cam Newton Will Play: "No Comment"


All week long, the mantra has been: "He's eligible." Gene Chizik has said repeatedly that his Heisman Trophy frontrunner will play. Why are they now changing that answer and saying, "No comment"? Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

We're waiting . . . we're waiting . . .


Take your time, NCAA. I hope we're not distracting you from your deliberations by playing football too loudly over here. Go 'Dawgs!

Report: A.J. Green Will be Cleared to Play Tomorrow


Evidently, he sold a jersey and has to pay back the money. Yeah, I can totally see why that would take six weeks to address. (Do you smell that, boys and girls? That's sarcasm!) Go 'Dawgs!

Congratulations to UCLA on the 2010 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championship!


The five-time defending national champion Gym Dogs were not even present for the NCAA Championships in women's gymnastics, which qualifies this season as an unmitigated disaster, but UCLA took home the title. This is good news, because it means third-place Alabama and fifth-place Florida didn't win the title. Georgia, Alabama, UCLA, and Utah remain the only four teams ever to have won national championships in collegiate women's gymnastics. In the individual competition, Georgia's Courtney McCool finished tied for second place on the balance beam. Go 'Dawgs!

Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant has been ruled ineligible . . .


. . . so maybe we're really 4-1 (or 3-1, anyway). Go 'Dawgs!

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