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Why Georgia Needs to Emulate Nick Saban's Approach

Some of Nick Saban's roster management practices may be ethically questionable, but Greg McGarity, Mark Richt, and the Georgia Bulldogs should follow the Alabama Crimson Tide's lead in one respect...

Drastic Changes to NCAA Tennis: It Starts with an Earthquake

Drastic NCAA rule changes threaten college tennis, and that's bad for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Kolton Houston's Continuing Ineligibility: Why Does the NCAA Hate Science and Reason?

We learned this week that Kolton Houston, who had been the Georgia Bulldogs' projected starter at right tackle coming out of spring practice, remains ineligible, as determined by the NCAA, due to...

Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Kolton Houston Means That We're One Day Closer to Fall

John Isner was eliminated, Chase Vasser was suspended, Kolton Houston was ineligible, and the coaches' poll was released. It was a busy day for the Georgia Bulldogs.

"Unprecedented penalties" to be levied against Penn State by NCAA


Announcement set for 9:00 A.M. Monday. However, CBS is the source on this, so use caution.

BlogPoll Preseason College Football Top 25 Rankings: Why Limit Ourselves to Looking Ahead to 2012?


The 2011 college football season ended only a week ago, so, naturally, it's time to begin compiling pre-preseason top 25 rankings for 2012! Dawg Sports wonders, though . . . why should we limit...

Oh, of Course!


Because this particular Wednesday just wasn't going quite crappily enough here in Bulldog Nation, now we're getting word that offensive lineman Kolton Houston has been sidelined by a mysterious NCAA issue. As you will recall, our last two "NCAA issues" ended with Jarvis Jones and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope being cleared. What're the chances of the NCAA green-lighting three consecutive Georgia players? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Will someone please come pick me up and fly me across the international date line so this sorry dadgum day can end, already? Go 'Dawgs!

Jarvis Jones Cleared to Play by NCAA; Eeyore and Chicken Little Cautiously Peer Out From Under Umbrellas


Reportedly, linebacker Jarvis Jones has been cleared to play by the NCAA in the wake of reports regarding the Columbus AAU program. Has the Georgia Bulldogs football program finally caught a break?

Mid-Morning Dawg Bites: Of New Conferences We'd Rather Not Join and Rival Fan Bases We Love to Hate


Would the Georgia Bulldogs be willing to join a conference made up primarily of Sunshine State schools? Are fans of the Auburn Tigers respected rivals or despised enemies? Dawg Sports addresses...

To What Extent is Mark Richt's Job Security Affected by Scandals at Rival Schools?


The consensus heading into the 2011 college football season is that Mark Richt is on the hot seat at Georgia, but could his job security be affected favorably by the scandals in which several of...

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