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A Possible Solution to the Aluminum v. Composite Bat Controversy in College Baseball


As you may recall, FisheriesDawg called our attention to the fact that the Athens Banner-Herald’s John Kaltefleiter publicly questioned whether the Diamond Dogs were disadvantaged by having to use...

Physics Professor Addresses Aluminum v. Composite Bat Controversy (Part II)


After recently addressing the question whether Fresno State had an advantage due to the bats the W.A.C. champions used during the College World Series in reply to a FanPost by FisheriesDawg, I...

Physics Professor Addresses Aluminum v. Composite Bat Controversy (Part I)


Following Georgia’s loss in the College World Series finals, I took a look at whether Fresno State had the benefit of better bats and cited the research of Daniel A. Russell, an associate professor...

Did Bad Bats Deprive the Diamond Dogs of an N.C.A.A. Title?


During the open comment thread for the final game of the College World Series, Hunker Down Dawg asked: What is with only warning track power? We need to use their bats. Hunker Down Dawg’s...

David Perno Receives Raise


After becoming just the twelfth baseball coach to lead his team to the College World Series three times in his first seven seasons, David Perno received a 50 per cent pay bump from $300,000 to $450,000 per year.

A Season-Ending Expression of Thanks to the Diamond Dogs


Although I thanked the Diamond Dogs generally for their successful season, I wanted to give them full credit for their achievement this spring, especially in light of the fact that, quite frankly, n...

In Defense of David Perno


Last Thursday, The Realist left a critical comment regarding David Perno’s stewardship of the Georgia baseball program. Because this lengthy comment (which he described as an "essay") raised a...

Thumb Wars: ESPN Examines Steve Detwiler's Place in History


[Fade in.] Mike Tirico: Welcome back! We’re wrapping up ESPN’s coverage of the College World Series with this special retrospective look at the Cinderella season of the Fresno State Bulldogs,...

Fresno State 6, Georgia 1


After Monday night’s elation gave way to Tuesday night’s dejection, I omitted from my postgame report on the second outing of the College World Series finals any hint of cleverness or levity,...

Thanks for a Great Season, Diamond Dogs


The College World Series is done and, like all playoffs, it could end only in one of two ways: (1) disappointment or (2) a national championship. While, unfortunately, it was the former result...

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