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How the SEC and the Big 12 Should Go About Setting Up a College Football Scheduling Agreement


The SEC and the Big 12 have agreed to a January bowl pairing, so can a college football scheduling arrangement be far behind? Dawg Sports examines how such pairings might work between two 14-member...

Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites: National Conference Expansion Tournament of the Week Edition


Dawg Sports reports on Georgia Bulldogs baseball, softball, men's golf, and men's lacrosse, as well as conference expansion, in this morning's edition of "Dawg Bites."

Why It Is Time for the Georgia Bulldogs to Leave the SEC


The SEC has been through many changes in the last 25 years, most of which have ceased to serve the interests of the University of Georgia. Dawg Sports wonders whether the time has come for the...

2012 SEC Schedule Announcement Delayed: What Does This Mean for the Georgia Bulldogs?


The SEC announced on Thursday that the expected release of the conference's 2012 college football schedule would be delayed at least until Christmas. Dawg Sports examines what we know, what we...

Conference Expansion, Contracts, and Commitments: The Problem of a Nine-Game SEC Schedule


The addition of the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies to the SEC may mean the league will go to a nine-game conference football schedule starting in 2012. Dawg Sports explains why this is...

Week Eight SEC Power Poll Ballot: The Countdown to November 5 Officially Begins!


The Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers are on a collision course, but which one is the country's top college football team? Dawg Sports offers an opinion in this week's SEC Power Poll ballot.

I love my players. I appreciate their hard work and investment in our program. I feel a...


I love my players. I appreciate their hard work and investment in our program. I feel a responsibility and loyalty to protect and stand up for them. Also, I feel it is important to educate them on all areas of life. While my intentions were genuine, I feel it was unfortunate that things escalated to a confrontation. These actions were not representative of what this institution stands for. However, I will use it as a learning experience for myself as well as my players so that we all become better men.

Todd Grantham comments publicly on Saturday night's incident. I wish some combination of Mike Slive, Greg McGarity, and Mark Richt hadn't put Coach Grantham in the position of having to make such a statement, but I'm glad he made sure to say he was sticking up for his players, which he was. For the record, the only statement made by James Franklin of which I am aware is this one: "Some things got a little bit out of hand. I know myself, and I don't want to speak for Coach Richt, I like the game to end a little bit differently. Walk off the field and move forward." That sounds really nice, except he's the one who came onto the field and started pointing at players and calling out to them; he's the one who made the postgame handshake confrontational. He doesn't know whether Coach Richt wishes the game had ended a bit differently? Was he paying attention to the classy way Coach Richt handled his berating during the postgame handshake? James Franklin is an arrogant, whiny, hypocritical jackleg, and, for what it's worth, the most lopsided final score in Georgia-Vanderbilt series history is 47-0. Let's shoot for 48-0 next year between the hedges. Go 'Dawgs!

New York Times Says Mizzou Move to SEC Imminent


Personally, my stance on SEC realignment at this point is, "Just roast the turkey, don't tell me how the bird grew up," but this is breaking news, and C&F, as always, is all over the latest over at Team Speed Kills. I don't welcome this move, but it's looked likely for a while that this was where expansion was headed, so we have to make the most of it. However, Mike Slive is going to have to show me a press conference before I believe SEC football is coming to the Show Me State. Go 'Dawgs!

Bribing Carolina: Making an SEC Expansion Offer the Gamecocks Can't Refuse


As the Missouri Tigers inch closer to becoming the SEC's 14th team, Dawg Sports steps up its efforts to convince fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks that the newest members of the SEC East should...

The Counterargument for Clemson: A Respectful Reply to The Feathered Warrior, from One SEC Stalwart to Another


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks are divided over whether the Clemson Tigers would make a suitable addition to the SEC if college football's toughest conference...

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