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More BCS Travesty: TCU and Cincinnati Are As Deserving As Texas


The 2009 college football will not have a true national champion with the BCS unless Alabama blows up Texas. TCU and Cincinnati both have legitimate claims to that #2 spot.

Week Thirteen BlogPoll Ballot Draft


Last week's rivalry showdowns produced little change at the top of the rankings but shook up the rest of the top 25 considerably. Dawg Sports tries to make sense of the carnage.

Week Two BlogPoll Ballot Draft


What are we to make of the state of college football after last weekend? Dawg Sports takes a stab at it with his BlogPoll ballot draft for week two.

Kyle Gets Conciliatory: An Encouraging Word About Boise State's Place at the Table


Do mid-major college football teams like the Boise State Broncos really stand a chance of making a run at a BCS national championship? Dawg Sports says history is repeating itself in BSU's favor.

Kyle Gets Contrary: Congress, the B.C.S., and the Virtue of Being Elitist


U.S. Representative Joe Barton's farcical Congressional hearings took aim at the BCS and the blogosphere has confirmed that college football's major bowls are exclusionary. Dawg Sports argues that...

Golden Nugz for 3.17.09


Daily UofM links.

Don't Bet On It!: Bowl Edition (Part VI)


The Penn State Nittany Lions, Cincinnati Bearcats, Ole Miss Rebels, East Carolina Pirates, and Utah Utes all have had surprisingly good seasons, but do any of them have what it takes to win a...

The BCS Works! Everybody Gets What They Want!


A lighthearted counterargument to the incessant call for a playoff system in 1-A (FBS) college football.

Week Twelve BlogPoll Ballot Revised


Did Dawg Sports get it right the first time? T. Kyle King doesn't think so, as he explains why he revised his CBSSports.com BlogPoll ballot to rearrange the ACC teams, drop all but one mid-major,...

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest


I’ve already set forth this week’s S.E.C. picks, so it’s time now to turn to the national games of interest. Because last week’s national picks contained more rhyme than reason, my non-S.E.C....

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