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Matt Hinton Bows Out at Dr. Saturday


A tip of the cap to the blogosphere's best. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday and I Are on the Same Page


I always find that encouraging, except whenever he goes off on one of his playoff tirades. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Saves Bulldog Nation from Experiencing a Moment of Joy


Counterargument: Georgia will deserve to win the East if the Bulldogs beat Kentucky because the 'Dawgs will have gone 4-1 against the division, and, unlike the only other contender in the East, the Red and Black will have succeeded in beating Auburn at home. In addition, the Bulldogs have been statistically superior to, and often statistically dominant over, every conference opponent they've faced, convincingly beating (on the field, if not always on the scoreboard) the opposition. Boise State gets credit for overpowering inferior opponents; why not Georgia? Go 'Dawgs!

Confrontation Occurs; Georgia Coach Automatically Assumed to be in the Wrong


I read Dr. Saturday daily, I'm a big fan of Matt Hinton, and I have no major quarrel with Graham Watson's work generally, but this is the second time Watson has pointedly sided against a Georgia coach in a situation where, to put it delicately, it was far from clear that the Georgia coach was in the wrong. I hope it's just coincidental, but it's genuinely vexing. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

If You Wonder Why Georgia Fans Are So Mad About Last Saturday . . .


. . . just read the article linked to above. Dr. Saturday is one of the best college football weblogs out there (and it should be noted that Matt Hinton didn't write this), but the popular media meme has taken hold even in that most respected corner of the blogosphere. The video of James Franklin's tirade during the postgame handshake, which shows Mark Richt conducting himself with class and underscores the extent to which Coach Franklin was the instigator of the whole thing, is distorted to suggest that Coach Richt expected his defensive coordinator to tee off on an opposing coach. A comparison is then drawn to last year's incident in Jacksonville. Last year, you will recall, Todd Grantham directed an inappropriate gesture and an inappropriate remark toward an opposing player. He was wrong to do so, and I said so at the time. Last Saturday, James Franklin directed an inappropriate gesture and an inappropriate remark toward an opposing player. He was wrong to do so, and Todd Grantham said so at the time. The proper comparison to what Coach Grantham did last year is to what Coach Franklin did last Saturday, not to what Coach Grantham did in response. If such basic facts are being missed even by weblogs typically as keenly perceptive as Dr. Saturday, well, the rest of the world shouldn't wonder why Bulldog Nation is as incensed as Coach Grantham. Coach Franklin is the bad guy here. Fight the real enemy! Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Looks at Todd Grantham's Defense


As always, Matt Hinton reviews the data without passion or prejudice, so he certainly cannot be accused of grinding any axes, although I think his ultimate conclusion is a tad harsh, considering the significance of the shift in scheme. (I suspect a similar look at the Crimson Tide's defense in the first year under Nick Saban would be very nearly as unflattering, although I confess I have not done the math on that.) The good Doctor's handy chart provided a valuable snapshot that showed little overall progress, but a couple of encouraging nuggets could be gleaned from the picture he painted. The Bulldogs' improvement in points per game (from 25.9 to 23.1) and in yards per game (from 339.4 to 335.8) between 2009 and 2010 was minuscule, yet the SEC numbers are more promising. Last year, the Red and Black gave up 31.5 points per game and 379.4 yards per game in SEC outings. This year, Georgia allowed 25.0 points per game and 355.8 yards per game against conference competition. That's a difference of almost a touchdown and almost 25 yards in games against league foes, which, when set alongside twice as many total takeaways and a fivefold increase in fumble recoveries, suggests at least some movement in a positive direction, even if there has been one step back for every two steps forward. By the way, the first commenter following Dr. Saturday's above posting wrote: "Dawgs don't deserve a bowl game." His avatar is a Georgia Tech logo. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Knows a Lot, But He Doesn't Knowshon


Dr. Saturday's list of candidates for the title "Best Running Back of the Decade" includes Penn State's Larry Johnson, Kansas State's Darren Sproles, Northern Illinois's Garrett Wolfe, and Rutgers's Ray Rice, not one of whom could carry Knowshon Rockwell Moreno's jockstrap. (There's more than a couple of other guys on that list I wouldn't pick over Knowshon, either, but I'm trying to point out the most egregious examples.) Matt Hinton is a fine fellow and a perceptive analyst, but he just flat dropped the ball on this one. Go 'Dawgs!

New BlogPoll released


Alabama receives 46 first-place votes to hang onto the No. 1 ranking, with No. 2 Florida and No. 3 Texas topping 24 and 17 ballots, respectively. I was one of two BlogPollsters who placed Iowa at No. 1, and my explanation was quoted. It appears that Matt "Dr. Saturday" Hinton was the other Hawkeye voter, so at least I'm in good company. Go 'Dawgs!

This . . .


. . . is getting ridiculous. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday takes a look at the Georgia-LSU game


Matt Hinton has his take on the game. Go 'Dawgs!

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