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What Is SB Nation Saying About the SEC?

The SEC Power Poll features two ties, Tennessee fans are holding out hope for a win in Athens, and Sunday Morning Quarterback thinks big things are brewing in the SEC East. Who's right and who's...

2012 Preseason College Football BlogPoll Ballot: It's the SEC West's World, and We're Just Living in It


The 2012 college football season is almost upon us, so it is time for SB Nation sports bloggers to cast their preseason BlogPoll ballots. Will the Alabama Crimson Tide repeat as the BCS national...

Penn State Was Right to Fire Joe Paterno


Penn State was right to fire Joe Paterno as the head coach of the Nittany Lions in the wake of the scandal over Jerry Sandusky. Dawg Sports explains why.

The Dawg Sports 2011 Preseason College Football BlogPoll Ballot


With the 2011 college football season barely over a week away, sports bloggers are rushing to their computers and submitting their top 25 rankings to the SB Nation BlogPoll. Take a look at the Dawg...

Monday Night Dawg Bites: Countdown to Kickoff Edition


The countdown to the 2011 college football season is entering its final phase, and, between Chick-fil-A Spirit Day and the Nike Pro Combat uniforms, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are getting fired...

Week Eight BlogPoll Ballot Draft Submitted: Auburn Tigers Are Clear No. 1; Oregon Ducks' Mid-Major Schedule Drags Them Down to No. 6


Another No. 1 team went down to defeat in the latest wild weekend of college football. Dawg Sports sifts through the carnage in this week's BlogPoll ballot, anointing the Auburn Tigers as a clear...

Why the Accuracy of Bowls and Polls is Better for College Football Than the Finality of a Division I-A Playoff


Dr. Saturday's well-respected Matt Hinton eschews the Boise State debate in favor of a Division I-A college football playoff. Dawg Sports disagrees, preferring debate and accuracy to boredom and...

Arkansas Razorbacks 31, Georgia Bulldogs 24: The Evening After the Afternoon Before


The Georgia Bulldogs fell to 0-2 in SEC play in a second straight narrow loss to a team currently ranked in the top 15. Dawg Sports looks at the Red and Black's loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Revised Draft of Preseason BlogPoll Ballot


In response to reader feedback, Dawg Sports has revised its preseason BlogPoll ballot, offering a BCS National Championship Game forecast in the process.

Who's No. 1?: The First Draft of the Dawg Sports 2010 Preseason SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot


It's getting to be preseason BlogPoll time, and the first draft of the Dawg Sports ballot has been unveiled for your perusal and critique. You may be surprised by the No. 1 college football team.

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